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Now is the time to stock up on Easter eggs!  Here are 20+ activities you can do with plastic eggs:


20 Plastic Egg Activities


There were lots of great ideas shared last week.  Here are just  a few:


 The Measured Mom shares these printable Sound It Out slider cards.




100 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day with Kids form The Educators' Spin On It

Check out 100 Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day from The Educator’s Spin On It.





 Stock up on Peeps after Easter and make this Candy Playdough from Kids Activities Blog.


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4 Tips for When Your Baby HATES Tummy Time


  All three of my babies have HATED tummy time for the first few months of their lives.  They scream almost the instant I place them on the blanket for the ever-important time on their bellies.  We all know that babies should not sleep on their tummies and should ALWAYS be put to bed on their backs.  Medical professionals, however, are in agreement that babies should have at least 30 … [ Keep reading… ]

Beginning Sound Letter Hunt


  Little Brother and I are working on learning (and reinforcing) letter sounds.  I am also in the throes of learning how to juggle 3 kids...while nursing a newborn about 7-8 times each day.  Needless to say, activities these days must be SIMPLE and QUICK.  This beginning sound letter hunt met all the above criteria and Little Brother just happened to love it because it felt like a game! … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!


Easter is coming up fast!  We made these adorable fabric collage Easter baskets a few years ago and they are still one of my favorite crafts (even though they were a little messy).  :)   There were lots of great ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few: TotSchooling shares these fun Easter playdough mats.     Now that the weather is warming up, this Sidewalk … [ Keep reading… ]

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month


April is Child Abuse Awareness Month.  It breaks my heart to think about innocent children being abused (often by those that are supposed to love them the most).  Here are some recent statistics on child abuse in the United States from ChildHelp: A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. Approximately 70% of children that die from abuse are under the age of 4. More than 90% of … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!


There were lots of great ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few:   Crystal's Tiny Treasures shares this Footprint Tulip Art.       Check out this awesome and kid-friendly method for planting potatoes over at Rubberboots and Elf Shoes.       Check out these fun money games for kids from Nothing if Not … [ Keep reading… ]