20 Plastic Egg Activities

20 Plastic Egg Activities 349x1000 20 Plastic Egg Activitiespin it button 20 Plastic Egg Activities


Easter has come and gone, but you still probably have oodles of plastic eggs laying around your house.  Don’t throw them away.  In fact, you might want to grab some on clearance!  They can be great for learning games, crafts, and activities!  Here are 20 (non-Easter) plastic egg activities…


Number Snake with Plastic Eggs 500x333 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Make a numbered snake by threading the tops of plastic eggs.

IMG 91451 300x450 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Use the eggs to stamp designs with paint.


Egg Necklace 300x449 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Make a chunky “jewel” necklace with Easter Eggs and some packing plastic!

Here are several other ideas from other bloggers:

Maracas from Easter Eggs 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Red Ted Art shares how to create maracas using eggs.  This tutorial using real egg shells, but you could just as easily use the plastic eggs.

Number Match 500x375 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Make this Number Match Activity from PlayDrMom.

Early Spelling 500x375 20 Plastic Egg Activities

This Early Spelling Game from The Good Long Road looks like lots of fun!

Sensory Tub Scoopers 500x445 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Creative Connections for Kids shares how to use eggs as scoops in a sensory tub.

Egg Crack Painting 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Do some egg crack painting with Crayon Freckles!

Easter Egg Sounds Match 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Motherhood on a Dime shares an Easter Egg “Sound Match” activity.

Egg Carton Color Sort 500x375 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Create a Color Sorting Activity with Motherhood on a Dime.

Bath Bombs 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Here Comes the Girls shows how to use plastic Easter Eggs as molds for Fizzy Bath Bombs.

Antonyms with Easter Eggs 500x270 20 Plastic Egg Activities

MemeTales shares an idea for using plastic Easter Eggs to learn antonyms!

Easter Egg Caterpillars 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Child Central Station shares Easter Egg Caterpillars.

Plastic Egg Toss 500x469 20 Plastic Egg Activities

This gross motor game from A Mom with a Lesson Plan uses plastic bottles and plastic Easter eggs to make a tossing game.

Match Upper and Lowercase Letters 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Match Upper and Lowercase Letters with Easter Eggs (via Scribble Doodle and Draw)!

Rolled Easter Egg Painting 500x331 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Tinkerlab shares a fun idea for creating Rolled Easter Egg Paintings!

Easter Egg Shaker Match Up Game 500x332 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Frugal Fun for Boys shares another Easter Egg Shaker Match-Up Game.

Sight Word Egg Hunt 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas shares a fun Sight Word Egg Hunt idea.

Word Family Eggs 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Another fun learning idea…Word Family Eggs (via Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas).

build a garden game 20 Plastic Egg Activities

Create this fun garden math game from Family Your Way (via Kristina at Toddler Approved).

20 Uses for Plastic Easter Eggs 300x300 20 Plastic Egg Activities

What other ways do you enjoy reusing plastic Easter eggs?  Leave a link in the comments!  


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  1. says

    Hi there, These are so wonderful! I love the variety of ideas. Just wanted to share a couple of my inexpensive DIY learning ideas from my blog. I featured two learning activities with plastic eggs. Like us on Facebook for my latest posts too. :) Thank you! -Deborah

  2. HeatherS says

    I am a teacher. We have been working with counting change in the classroom. I plan on using some of my eggs to put change in and have students determine the amount in the egg. Thinking it can be called eggstra change.

  3. HeatherS says

    I used plastic “scrambled” eggs in the classroom. I put pieces of paper with students scrambled spelling words in each egg. In the past students went on an egg hunt to find the eggs and then came back to the classroom to unscramble them. This year the eggs were in egg cartons for each of my spelling groups with a Starburst inside that they got to eat once they unscrambled their word.

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