Free Printable Math Pack for Preschoolers

This free printable math pack for preschoolers is a great way to practice sorting, graphing and patterns!

Post by Contributing Writer Kim of Life Over C’s


I am always looking for concrete ways to reinforce concepts with my special needs preschooler. She doesn’t understand counting unless she has something to count, has trouble with colors unless she can compare them, along with the many other math concepts that are used in life. So when we picked up a pack of farm animal crackers at the grocery store that came in three colors, I knew that they would be perfect to use for learning. I created this free printable math pack to go along with those crackers, but there is also a set of pages included that do not reference the crackers, so you can use them with pom poms, beads, candies or anything else in those colors.


The pages of this free printable math pack for preschoolers are very easy to prepare. You can print them and use them right away or you can laminate them (or put them in a page protector) to use them multiple times.


The easiest page is the color sorting page. Provide your child with a handful of crackers and allow her to sort them by color. 


Use these free math printables to practice patterns, graphing and sorting with your preschooler.


There is also a pattern building page. Have your child lay a cracker of matching color onto each of the squares. If you don’t want to use this to focus on the concept of patterns, you can also just use it for color matching. That’s the skill level we are at right now, so it worked great for that. We’ll be using these periodically as we are working on more complex skills.


Use these free math printables to practice patterns, graphing and sorting with your preschooler.


You can also encourage your child to build her own patterns using the pattern mat as a guide. This is a good way to know how well your child understands patterns. Show her how to make more complex patterns as her skill level allows.

Then, there is a graphing page. Have your child lay her crackers on the graph to see which color she has the most of. This is a great opportunity to using “comparing” words such as “more than”, “less than”, “combined”, “least and “most.”

You can ask your child:

“Which color has the most?”

“How many crackers are the red and purple combined?”

“Which color has less than the red?”

Use these free math printables to practice patterns, graphing and sorting with your preschooler.


It’s a great way to work some math skills into snack time and approach these math concepts through play rather than a worksheet.


Download the FREE Math Pack here.


kimKim is a work at home mom of four awesome daughters {12, 10, 7 year olds and a special needs 4 year old}. She is wrapping up her 7th year of homeschooling and, before recently returning to the States, lived overseas for 9 years. Kim shares free printables and educational activities over at Life Over C’s



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