Easter Eraser Sorting with Tweezers

Easter Eraser Sorting with Tweezers


I found these cute little Easter erasers in the Dollar Spot at Target a few weeks ago.  We used them for this great sorting and fine motor activity!

Sorting is a wonderful skill to encourage cognitive development in preschoolers.  And using tweezers helps build the small muscles in the hands that your child will write and draw with.


Here’s what you’ll need:  small erasers, tweezers, and silicone baking cups.


SAFETY FIRST:  If you have younger siblings in the house (as we do), please use extreme caution with this activity.  The erasers can pose a choking hazard to children who still put items in their mouths.  As with ALL of our activities and crafts, please supervise your child throughout the entirety of the activity.




Mix all the erasers together in a container.


Have 1 silicone baking cup for every variety of eraser.



 Give your child the tweezers and have him/her get started picking up each eraser and placing it into the corresponding silicone cup.



You can see the small muscles in his fingers in action!
(Don’t mind the TMNT socks)  :)



Eventually, Little Brother got tired of using the tweezers and just used his fingers instead.  That was perfectly fine with me!






 All done!



You could also sort use the erasers for patterning or graphing as well!  



Check out more Easter activities here and on our Easter Pinterest board.



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