Building Solomon’s Temple with Golden Blocks

Building the temple of Solomon with golden blocks 500x857 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks

I am still working on supplementing our church’s curriculum for the unit on Solomon.  It is so intriguing to read about the building of the temple–how all the stones were pre-cut and no tool could be heard in temple while it was being built and all of the ornate materials used .  Since the temple was so magnificent, I didn’t want the children to build it with plain old building blocks.  It needed to be something extra special…hence building with golden blocks!


“And Solomon overlaid the inside of the house with pure gold, and he drew chains of gold across, in front of the inner sanctuary, and overlaid it with gold.  And he overlaid the whole house with gold, until all the house was finished. Also the whole altar that belonged to the inner sanctuary he overlaid with gold.”  -1 Kings 6:21-22


Here’s what you’ll need:  wooden building blocks and gold spray paint.  



IMG 1994 500x333 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks

I purchased two sets of these blocks to make sure there was enough for a group of kids.



IMG 2001 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks

 I laid them out on some plastic and then painted them with gold spray paint.  I let them dry for an hour, then turned the blocks and painted again.  All-in-all, I turned the blocks a total of four times.  Enough overspray got on the remaining two faces of the blocks that I didn’t need to spray 6 times.


IMG 2036 500x333 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks






IMG 2041 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks




birds eye view of temple 500x333 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks

We used this blueprint to make the birds-eye view of the temple.

SolomonsTemple1 500x454 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks

SolomonsTemple“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


IMG 2066 Building Solomons Temple with Golden Blocks



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