27 Ways to Learn with Ping Pong Balls

27 Ways to Learn with Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong balls have quickly become my favorite learning manipulative.  They are cheap.  They are great for kinesthetic learners.  They are easy to customize.  And did I mention they are cheap?!?!


Seriously…you can buy a bag of 144 white ping pong balls for about six or seven bucks here.  This one pack would probably get you through the majority of the activities in this post!  :)


Here are some of our favorite ways to learn with ping pong balls, divided by category!


Literacy Activities with Ping Pong Balls

ping pong alphabet bounce

Ping Pong Alphabet Bounce



Word Family Fishing



word family snowball toss

Word Family Snowball Toss


Literacy Activities with Ping Pong Balls

Alphabet Ping Pong Drop  ::  The Imagination Tree

Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching Game  ::  The Imagination Tree

Ping Pong Word Family Activity  ::  Playdough to Plato

Yard Clean Up Sight Word Game  ::  No Time for Flashcards



Science Activities with Ping Pong Balls



What is Blood Made of? Sensory Tub


Science Activities using Ping Pong Balls

Floating Ping Pong Ball Science Activity  ::  Buggy and Buddy

Simple Machine Science:  Launching Ping Pong Balls with a Lever  :: Buggy and Buddy

Make a Model Arm  ::  Kids Activities Blog



Math Activities with Ping Pong Balls

Math Activities with Ping Pong Balls

Add ‘Em Up:  Ping Pong Math Game  ::  PBS Parents

Comparing Numbers:  Ping Pong Ball Toss Math Game  ::  Buggy and Buddy

Indoor Counting Croquet  ::  Toddler Approved



Art Activities with Ping Pong Balls

Art Projects with Ping Pong Balls

Ping Pong Ball Monsters  ::  Kids Activities Blog

Salad Spinner and Ping Pong Art ::  Glued to My Crafts

Color Theory Color Spinners  ::  Mama’s Little Muse

Ping Pong Ball Painting  ::  Kids Activities Blog




FUN Projects with Ping Pong Balls

Fun Activities with Ping Pong Balls

Mailing Tube Ping Pong Ball Shooter  ::  Frugal Fun for Boys

Ping Pong Nerf Targets  ::  Frugal Fun for Boys



More Fun Ping Pong Ball Activities

Ping Pong Fish Bowl Toss  ::  Epic Childhood

Ping Pong Ball Shooters  ::  Frugal Fun for Boys

Ping Pong Ball and Hair Dryer Fun  ::  Meaningful Mama



Ping Pong Ball Activities for Toddlers

toddler activities with ping pong balls

Muffin Tin Fun for Little Ones  ::  Kids Activities Blog

Toddler Ping Pong Visual Motor Play  ::  Sugar Aunts

Ping Pong Ball Run  ::  Where Imagination Grows





Ordering the books of the Bible with Ping Pong Balls



learn with ping pong balls



Some of my other favorite unconventional learning manipulatives are:

–  Water Balloons

–  Repurposed toys

–  Upcycled Trash



Four Leaf Clover Hundreds Chart Activity

hundreds chart activity small

After we made our Valentines Day Hundreds Chart Activity, I thought it would be fun to make one for St. Patrick's Day as well!   This Four Leaf Clover Hundreds Chart activity is great for helping children see patterns in the hundreds chart and use clues from the remaining numbers to fill in the missing numbers.   Download the Four Leaf Clover Hundreds Chart activity here.       … [ Keep reading… ]

Rainbow and Pot of Gold Baskets


A couple years ago we made some super cute fabric Easter baskets using balloons.  I made these every Easter with my first graders and it was a fun tradition to continue at home with our boys.  I thought it would be fun to make a miniature version in honor of St. Patrick's Day, so we made these adorable Rainbow and Pot of Gold Baskets!   The only problem was, I couldn't get the water … [ Keep reading… ]

Split Pea Soup

Delicious Split Pea Soup

I have to make a confession.  (Shhhh...I don't like peas.)  I never have and, though I will eat them if served to me or if I serve them as a side for our kids, they aren't a vegetable I particularly enjoy.  Just keep that in mind when you scroll through this recipe...because even people who don't like peas can LOVE this hearty, delicious, healthy soup!   A few months ago when I wasn't … [ Keep reading… ]

30+ Hands-On Word Family Activities

Hands-on Word Family Activities

  Beginning readers can benefit greatly from learning and implementing word families.  Here is what I share regarding phonograms (the fancy word for word families) in my I Can Teach My Child to Read eBook:   "Another strategy that has proven to be helpful for many children is the teaching of phonograms.  We often refer to these as “word families” because the onset (beginning sound … [ Keep reading… ]

Word Family Fishing


  After our Word Family Snowball Toss activity, I was trying to think of a way to repurpose the ping pong balls and thought it would be fun to use them to fish!   Learning word families (words with the same ending sound) is beneficial for children as they learn to recognize chunks in words.  Since these words rhyme, it is also a great phonemic awareness activity after the fact … [ Keep reading… ]