A Frog Thing

Guest Post by Rose of Live.Laugh.Eat.Teach

One of my favorite children’s books is a book called A Frog Thing written by Eric Drachman and illustrated by James Muscarello. This beautiful book is about a frog named Frank that wants to fly. The problem is that Frank is a frog and frogs don’t fly.


My children Daiya (4) and Cole (2) absolutely love this book, so we decided to keep the book alive by doing some fun activities to go along with the book.


Thoughtful questions-building comprehension:

After we read the book the first time for pure enjoyment, we read the books a second time and I asked my children what I call “thoughtful questions”. These questions are meant to begin to build children’s comprehension and prompt them to think between the lines of the book.

  • How does Frank feel when the other frogs are laughing at him?
  • Do you think Frank will learn to fly?
  • Do you think the bird will help Frank?
  • How does Frank feel when he is “flying”?
  • How are Frank’s mom and dad feeling?
  • What is Frank really good at in the end?


The Letter “F” Scavenger Hunt-letter/sound correspondence:

This book is full of words that begin with the letter F. This was a perfect time to introduce the letter f and the sound it makes. We practiced writing the letter F using the sheets found here.

Then the fun began when we searched the book for any word that started with the letter F. I charted the words that we found and Daiya practiced writing some of the words on her own.


Frank the Frog-fine motor skills

Finally we created an adorable version of Frank the frog.



Materials: a paper plate, green, black, white, red and pink construction paper, water colors or green paint, and glue.





First, paint the paper plate green. We used watercolors.


Next, trace both hands and cut them out for the hind legs.




Then, cut out the front legs, eye, mouth and tongue pieces.



Finally, glue everything together!


Rose is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom of two children, Daiya (age 4) and Cole (age 2). Live.Laugh.Eat.Teach combines her love for teaching, cooking and being a mom into one fun new blog!

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  1. says

    Thanks so much, Rose. This book is new to me but looks fabulous for teaching the F sound and also looks like it will prompt a great discussion with children about feelings which I think is so important. I can’t wait to get it!

  2. Heather B. says

    I love this book and the others by the same author and illustrator. Great messages and the kids want to hear them over and over!

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