A Lesson Learned: Locking Away the Toy Box

A few weeks ago, Prince Charming and I made a decision.  We were locking the toy box up in the storage room.  With all the toys in it.

We didn’t do this as a punishment or to put a damper on their creativity.  We did it because the toys were coming between the boys.

For the week prior to this decision, we had endured battle after battle after battle with these boys.  Little Brother is going through a very possessive stage and Big Brother is going through a bit of an antagonistic stage.  The mix of these two ‘stages’ manifested itself in what seemed like World War III breaking out in our house every 2 minutes.

We isolated what specifically was causing the problems with the boys.  The toys were the culprit.

Into the storage room they went.

And that is where they still are today, except for the hot wheels.  And our house has been amazingly peaceful ever since.

We want our boys to know that their relationship with each other is much more important than material things. We had tried nearly everything to get them to share, take turns, etc…it just wasn’t working.  Extreme measures had to be taken to preserve the unity in our house.

This is true for our own lives as well.  Whenever something comes between us and our relationship with God and our family members, we must cut the ties.  We must prioritize the things in our lives that matter and cut out (or lock away) the things that bring disunity in our households.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  -Matthew 6:21

What is it in your life that is coming between you and the things in your life that really matter?  Is it the constant desire for more or better “things”?  Is it a discouraging friendship?  Television?  Too much time on the internet (sheepishly raising my own hand, here)?  Shopping?

All of us have something.  And just like we did with that toy box…we need to isolate the problem and lock it up.  Then, maybe we can find peace and unity in our hearts (and in our homes).

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    We’ve had a similar issue with our two girls. Fortunately it’s only over specific toys because our solution has been the same as yours – put it away. Life has been MUCH quieter since we put the toy strollers into the garage – you’d think having two would solve the issue, it didn’t. Apparently one stroller was better than the other…

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