Looking for fun ways to teach your child letter names and sounds?  Mouse over each image below to read the description and then click to take you to the post/tutorial.


apple seed a1 150x150 AlphabetApple A Peel Away Art 150x150 AlphabetIMG 6305 150x150 Alphabetc 150x150 Alphabetd 150x150 AlphabetEgg Painted E 150x150 AlphabetIMG 7542 150x150 AlphabetSuper Simple H is for Heart Alphabet Craft 150x150 Alphabetl 150x150 AlphabetIMG 6688 150x150 Alphabeto 150x150 AlphabetO is for Olympics Craft 150x150 Alphabets1 150x150 AlphabetIMG 9695 150x150 Alphabet