Looking for fun ways to teach your child letter names and sounds?  Mouse over each image below to read the description and then click to take you to the post/tutorial.


apple seed a1 150x150 AlphabetApple A Peel Away Art 150x150 AlphabetIMG 6305 150x150 Alphabetc 150x150 Alphabetd 150x150 AlphabetEgg Painted E 150x150 AlphabetIMG 7542 150x150 AlphabetSuper Simple H is for Heart Alphabet Craft 150x150 Alphabetl 150x150 AlphabetIMG 6688 150x150 Alphabeto 150x150 AlphabetO is for Olympics Craft 150x150 Alphabets1 150x150 AlphabetIMG 9695 150x150 Alphabet

x 150x150 Alphabetletter scavenger hunt 150x150 Alphabetletter easter egg 150x150 Alphabetkeyboard2 150x150 Alphabetshaving cream 150x150 AlphabetHeart Capital Lowercase Matching 150x150 Alphabetpdbq spinner 150x150 Alphabetflashlight spot and tell 150x150 AlphabetVenn diagram with letters 150x150 AlphabetSilver Bells Letter Memory Game 150x150 AlphabetFeather Letters 150x150 AlphabetAlphabet Train Game 150x150 AlphabetSticker Letter Tracing 150x150 AlphabetLearning Walk 150x150 AlphabetPop n Learn 150x150 AlphabetIMG 6482 150x150 AlphabetLetter Boxes 150x150 AlphabetIMG 9662 150x150 AlphabetOutdoor Alphabet Track 150x150 Alphabetfloor tape letters 150x150 AlphabetInvisible Letters 300x450 150x150 AlphabetCapital Lowercase Letter Stamping 150x150 AlphabetIMG 0101 150x150 AlphabetIMG 1292 150x150 AlphabetAlphabet Sort Match 150x150 AlphabetLetter Pounding 150x150 AlphabetPlaydough Alphabet Stamps 150x150 AlphabetBeginning Sound Letter Hunt 150x150 Alphabet

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