3 Secrets to Creating a Reading Nook Your Kid Will Crave Spending Hours In

3 secrets reading nook

  Guest Post by Corina of the Collected House Blog   It’s difficult, isn’t it? Raising a reader is no small task. It takes countless hours. It takes a huge commitment from mommy and daddy. And results come slowly.  Raising a reader is so important that you must persevere. How on earth will they get into […]

Word Family Snowball Toss

Word Family snowball toss square

  Word families can be a beneficial component in your teaching-your-child-to-read toolbox. To put it simply, word families are words that rhyme.  Teaching children word families is a phonemic awareness activity that helps children see patterns in reading.  This is an important skill because it allows children to begin “reading” by grouping sets of letters […]

Gross Science Experiments

Gross science experiments

  Do you have a child who gravitates toward things that are gross?  Or perhaps you would like to pique your child’s interest in science ?  We’ve rounded up the grossest, most disgusting science experiments we could find!  These experiments definitely aren’t for the squeamish or the faint of heart!   Our Favorite Gross Science Experiments:   What is […]

“You are the ‘Write’ Kind of Friend” Shuttle Pen Valentines


This super fun non-mushy, candy-free valentine is perfect for preschoolers and school-aged kids.  Everyone loves a shuttle pen with different color of ink, right?!?!   Here’s what you’ll need:  shuttle pens, cardstock paper, and washi tape.     (We found our shuttle pens on Amazon for about 65 cents a piece.  And if you have Amazon […]

Valentines Day Hundreds Chart Activity

Hundreds Chart Activity for Valentines Day

  Big Brother has been doing a lot with the hundreds chart at school lately, so I thought it would be fun to whip up this cute Valentines Day Hundreds Chart activity for him.     This activity is super simple but definitely worthwhile as it requires a child to use clues from the remaining numbers to […]