Simple LEGO Flower


Little Brother loves making creations with LEGOs.  He created this flower on his own and then I took it apart and reassembled it for these photos.  :)     This would be a sweet little Mother’s Day creation.  Or you could make a garden full of May flowers!     Here are all the pieces […]

LEGO Duplo Shape Sorter


  Several years ago we created our own shape sorter using wooden blocks and a can of formula.  In honor of LEGO week, we decided we would make a shape sorter for Little Sister using LEGO Duplos.     Toddler Approved shared a similar idea which includes a fun color sorting twist!  Be sure and […]

LEGO-Stamped Gift Wrap


We’re participating in LEGO week with several of our blogging friends!  This weekend our boys were invited to our neighbor’s birthday party and they gave him a LEGO set, so we thought it was only fitting that we created some LEGO-stamped gift wrap!   It is so simple and so easy, but the boys had […]

Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds and your childs development

  Disclaimer:  I am not a speech pathologist.  This post is written solely on the observation of language development with my three children as well as some developmental background in my early childhood education courses.   I am convinced that animal sounds represent a pretty monumental milestone when it comes to a child’s language development.  Something so simple yet […]

Christian Running Music Playlist

Upbeat Christian Running Music

  I am not a runner.  I am not a runner.  I AM NOT A RUNNER.  But yet, I talked myself into training for a half-marathon (pretty much because I figured it was easier to do this than to give up my daily Sonic Dr. Pepper addiction).  Given the fact that I have issues sticking with […]