Blessing Bags

I saw this idea for Blessing Bags from Kids With a Vision on Pinterest and thought it was too wonderful not to share!

Have you ever driven past a person in need and wondered what you could do to help?  Keep one or two of these blessing bags in your car to have on hand!

The best part is, your children can be involved in creating the bags and will most likely be present when handing them out as well.  And it’s a great way to utilize coupons and freebies!

Photo Credit from Joy’s Hope


  1. Brenda says

    I know everyone means well with how they give out their blessing bags…But this is not a forum for who is doing what wrong. Everyone has the right to include in the bags what they want. Please pick a different forum to jump on people who want to share what makes them happy with someone else. Who are any of us to judge why or what people do. Some of you have truly disappointed me. Keep this a good thing. There does not have to be a RULE for everything. Just let people do what they want. Religious material or not…It’s their choice.

  2. says

    I volunteered at a drop-in center for street involved youth and the items in the Blessings bags were similar to what we gave out in the drop-in, minus the coins. It may not sound like a lot, but many times it is those basic items that the kids need. I’m going to make up the bags with my grandkids; it would be cool for them to write the notes to put in the bags, maybe even add a picture.
    Many times the YMCA or other center will have a printed sheet of resources for street youth that you could also add to the bag if the youth are traveling and don’t know the area.

  3. julia says

    When I was a homeless teenager, we would get these and use every part, i would even read the bible just to read something, but when we were done reading that bible, we would use the pages to roll our tobacco we found left over in cigarette butts. But I am not a Christian today, but there was one thing I appreciated above others, an older woman would come to where I and many other homeless kids would stay and hand out apples oranges bananas, and $.99 bread and bottles of water. Sometimes she would give out packs of Tylenol. I guess what I’m trying to say is everything even a bible has a purpose.

  4. Angie says

    My former mother-in-law does these. She told me to always add socks. Socks are very important. The colder you are, the more socks you can put on. They can also be used as mittens.

  5. louie says

    I was excited about these gifts of caring baskets I was happy to read all the different things people put in them I had hoped this thread was going to follow in that direction ……but……it became personal comments that included a little snarkie attitude towards each other what does any of that really have to do with the idea of the basket lets get back to that and how about a little humbleness none of you are on the receiving end of these wonderful gifts please put joy back in my basket

  6. Rhonda Maxwell says

    I have found a great way to allow me to put more items in the bags and for that matter make more! Go to Walgreen’s and Walmart in the travel size sections and there is a big. Variety to. Choose from allowing you to add more and more variety. If you happen to coupon you can get some great 50 cent off coupons with no size limit!! Clip or print all these you can.. You can get a lot of stuff total
    Free!!!yay!!! Toiletry coupons are plentiful online at the different mfg. Websites. A lot of these you. An get full size products for pennies or free! Another helpful idea is to add one of the free 211 booklets. Its full of tons of helpful information. Where to get free rides. Medical assistance, free meals where and on what days. The list goes on and on. You can find these at a local community center or the post office. Last,but not least spend an afternoon with your kids at a soup kitchen or a coat drive. Allow them to have the honor of that wonderful feeling that comes not just from giving someone something (which is great by the way!). But that warms your heart feeling when you roll your sleeves up and truly pitch in with a little hard work to make the next persons day just a little bit brighter! Anything anyone can do to help out those in need and our amazing hero’s out there in the world helping to keep us at home safe and help the ones all over the world that our soldiers help touching their lives in so many ways. I think your all great!!! Appreciate one another and let’s all keep giving back to those in need in any small way we can! GROUP HUG!!! Rhonda


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