Boz the Bear Prize Packs: Product Review & Giveaway (5 winners)

*Sorry, this giveaway has ended.  Be sure to check back for other great giveaways.*


I  love finding quality, faith-based entertainment for the boys to watch for a little downtime every now and then.  Boz the Bear is fun, engaging, and always has a great message!

This animated DVD series features Boz, the Green Bear Next Door™.  Boz lives in a treehouse next to a family with two young children:  Drew and Gracie.  I like to think of Boz as an esteemed Big Brother/playmate/babysitter/mentor that teaches them valuable life lessons in a fun, entertaining, and musical way!

The wonderful folks at Exclaim Entertainment (the makers of Boz) have graciously offered to give away some awesome prize packs to FIVE of my readers.  Here is what is included in each prize pack, along with the product description:


Thank You God For...B-O-Zs and 1-2-3s DVD

“Get ready to start counting your blessings…and spelling out your joy!  Exciting adventures in letters and numbers await in the newest DVD from Boz, The Green Bear Next Door™: Thank You God For…B-O-Zs and 1-2-3s!

n the fifth DVD of this hit series for preschoolers, BOZ, Drew, and Gracie discover exciting ways that numbers and letters can help us explore God’s world. Preschoolers will find that we can …

  • Spell wonderful things with the special letters in our names
  • Count on great adventures with numbers
  • Creatively work through our differences”

'Thank You God For...Colors and Shapes' DVD

“In this video, BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door™, helps preschoolers discover that we can…

  • See a rainbow of colors just outside our windows when we spend time exploring God’s green earth.
  • Imagine and build all kinds of possibilities with the shapes we see every day.
  • Have fun with numbers as we begin to count the numerous ways we love God…and He loves us!
  • Join Drew and Gracie as they count their blessings with their friend BOZ!”

'Thank You God For...Bananas, Bubbles, & Busy Bodies' DVD

“BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door™, loves exploring God’s world with his friends, Drew and Gracie. BOZ entertains, educates, and inspires preschoolers with DVDs filled with great stories and wonderful songs.

In the third DVD in this ongoing preschool series, BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door™ helps his friends discover that as we explore God’s world, we discover the joys of being active, eating healthy, and getting clean!

BOZ, Drew and Gracie discover …

  • God helps us grow stronger as we play with our friends
  • That when we’re hungry for a tasty treat, God’s fruits and veggies are great to eat
  • Getting everything squeaky clean — including ourselves — is lots of fun!”

'The Very First Noel' DVD

“One of history’s most beloved stories is now an all-new animated Christmas classic!

From Exclaim Entertainment, home of BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door™, comes The Very First Noel, a beautifully animated special that presents the Christmas story in a fresh, captivating manner.

Andy Griffith is the voice of narrator Melchior, one of the Three Wise Men. Joining Melchior are Balthasar and Caspar, who travel together in search of a magnificent star that is pointing them toward a newborn King.

Join in this journey of a lifetime that will touch the hearts and the imaginations of you and your children. You’ll meet Mary and Joseph, Gabriel and a host of angels, shepherds, innkeepers, and many more along the way!

The Very First Noel is destined to become an instant classic, joyfully drawing families together every Christmas for years and years to come.”




'Treehouse Tunes 1' CD

Preschoolers love to sing. BOZ loves to sing. BOZ’s Treehouse Tunes #1 features 22 of everyone’s favorite BOZ songs. Your preschooler will love singing with BOZ in the car and at home. You’ll love these catchy songs that help you reinforce the values and lessons you’re already teaching your preschooler. Talk about perfect harmony!

Among the songs from BOZ, The Green Bear Next Door™:

  • God Sees You And He Likes What He Sees
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Look In A Book
  • God’s Green Earth
  • There’s Fun To Share
  • The BOZ Theme Song
  • And Many, Many More!

Get ready to sing a happy song with BOZ on his first CD: BOZ’s Treehouse Tunes #1.


We have all loved each of these DVDs/CDs, but we especially loved The Very First Noel DVD that we were able to watch just in time for Christmas!


How would you like to win one of FIVE prize packs with one of each of the above items (valued at $$66.95 EACH)?  Just leave a comment!


For extra entries (leave a comment for each entry):

-“Like” I Can Teach My Child!

-Share about this giveaway (with a link) on your Facebook, Twitter, or blog.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my international readers).  The giveaway will end on Friday, January 13 at 10am (CST).  A winner will be randomly selected shortly after and notified by e-mail.  By entering, you are agreeing to these official rules


Good luck!
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  1. Oona Batcher Plummer says

    I have never heard of these, they look super cute! Always looking for entertainment that is appropriate & faith-based! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julie says

    Oh!!! WOW! We LOVE BOZ! We got a Boz video (not one of the giveaways) last year for Christmas and they are such sweet videos. We watch them over and over and OVER!!! We would love a new Boz video! Thanks for this Amazing giveaway!

  3. says

    I would love this! We have The Very First Noel and love it and I’ve heard a lot about BOZ. Would love to check him out! :)

  4. Amy Eckel says

    My boy isn’t old enough to enjoy these, but I would love to have them on hand. Plus, I’ve heard good things about The Very First Noel. Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. Nicole Sessions says

    This would be a wonderful collection for my 16 month old as well as the other kids I keep!

  6. Dyan says

    What an awesome give away! We’d love to be a big winner!! I would love any help in raising my daughter in a Godly fashion.

  7. Carrie Daniels says

    We LoVE Boz!! Received one as a gift would love to have more!!! Sure hope we are lucky!:)

  8. Suzanne Sinachack says

    My twin 3 year old boys would absolutely love this. We have one Boz movie. It is a sample movie with just one episode that the Christian store was giving away when Boz first came out. But nonetheless they can watch it over and over again, sing all the songs and laugh at Boz’s jokes. I think they also like it bc Drew and Gracie are twins as well! Thank you for sharing this giveaway and I know whoever wins will truly benefit. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Chanon says

    How fun! This is one series I haven’t seen much of so this would be a nice change from Veggie Tales!

  10. Jodie Kelchner says

    Wow~ what an awesome giveaway!! Never heard of these, but I am sure they would be a hit here :)

  11. Nora says

    OMG! My son loves BOZ. He asks for BOZ everyday. We have BOZ and 123’s. I would love to have the rest. Oh please!

  12. Nora says

    BOZ is such a great show for young people to watch. I love how they pray at the end of every episode.

    • Tina Laubscher says

      The First Noel is AWESOME! It is the story of the birth of Christ through the eyes of one of the wise men. Very well done!

  13. Sarah Watson says

    I had never heard of Boz, but they sound super cute! Would love the chance to share these with my kids!

  14. Tina Laubscher says

    I LOVE BOZ! These DVD’s are well done and teach awesome character and life lessons while have loads of fun! We use them at church for part of our AWANA Puggles program. I live in Chattanooga, TN and would love to send this set to my grandson in Denver, CO! Thanks so much for offering these!

  15. BecKee says

    My kids would love this, especially my little one who shares the name “Drew” with the character :-)

  16. Jessica Dawson says

    I would love this. We don’t have cable and love funding quality DVDs for our children

  17. Edleen says

    I’m from Singapore and we just moved to Idaho 2mths ago. Had been following and picking up some great learning ideas & tips fr your website even before we came! Boz is new to us as i don’t think i’ve seen it before in Singapore. We r so new here and I bet this will come in handy for my 3yr old and my 4mths babygirl when she is older! Looking forward to owning them! Thanks!!!!!

  18. says

    What a great giveaway! My little one likes to watch Boz and its a special treat when she goes to see her Grammie and PaPa. It would be great to have our own collection too!

  19. Kelly Beam Brown says

  20. Kelly Beam Brown says

  21. Narah says

    Our friends have talked a LOT about BOZ, but it hasn’t been in our budget to get one of the dvd’s. This would be amazing!

  22. Amy C. says

    We LOVE Boz at our house! And I agree–the lessons are so great & I especially love that they’re done in the context of a real family, with real parents and real grandparents (who are respected, not shunned for being older). It’s so refreshing to see that instead of a band of children (or a single child & animals!) running around to solve all these problems as if they’re the only ones who could possibly know what to do. Give me a sec & I’ll share this on FB as well! :-)

  23. Cecelia Cantrell says

    This would be awesome for my boy. Thanks for the chance to win one of these sets. And I like “I Can Teach My Child” on FB.

  24. Nora says

    I shared about the link on my facebook page. I love love love BOZ and I Can Teach My Child! This is a great giveaway!

  25. Nora says

    We would love to win this giveaway. I have an 18 month old plus a preschool in my home, and this is the only thing we watch.

  26. Nicole says

    I haven’t ever seen these before but I think my girls would love them. Thanks for offering this!

  27. Jenni says

    Like the idea of combining faith based videos with other education. these would be fun to win, but I will have to check them out regardless!

  28. sharon borel says

    I would love to watch these dvd’s with my grand daughter Emmalee. She would so enjoy them and she’s very smart, therefore, she would learn the message Boz is sharing.

  29. says

    Thanks for this review…my daughter LOVES Boz, but we only have one DVD of it. It is a WONDERFUL, quality Christian program for toddlers.

  30. Littleways says

    Thanks for sharing about these – I hadn’t heard of them and I’m sure my preschooler would really enjoy them!

  31. Erin Pohren says

    I already like you on fb, I shared your link on fb, and I am commenting! Hope that’s 3 entries. We love Boz at our house!

  32. Amanda D. says

    I “like” your page, and we would love some kid-friendly, faith-based learning DVDs!

  33. Gaye says

    I would love to win this giveaway. I am always looking for a great faith based video of him to watch. These videos look wonderful.

  34. says

    I would LOVE to win one of these packs, to share the gospel in a fun way with our new little Latvian dudes. Hosting them this winter and adopting them very soon. thanks for the chance to win!!

  35. C Hall says

    I have 2 preschoolers at home who have already been introduced to Boz the Bear…and LOVE him! We don’t have the items in this giveaway, but several of them, including “The Very First Noel” dvd, are on our wishlist. Thanks for the great review!

  36. Anndra says

    I have not watched Boz or The Very First Noel. I am sure my girls would love them! I love your website and check in daily for great, inspirational ways to teach my children. Thanks!!

  37. Leah W. says

    I have heard great things about BOZ! I would LOVE these for my kiddos!!! Just another reason why I love this blog!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  38. Christie E. says

    My kids love Boz! I had never heard of him until our pastor’s wife gave my kids one of the DVD’s. We don’t have any of these, though! Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Jennifer Cozad says

    I would love to have these for my two kiddos. They adore Hermie, and I imagine they would love these too. I shared this giveaways on FB, Twitter, and my private blog. I also liked your page on FB–I did that awhile ago though. Jenn

  40. Suzanne says

    My four year old daughter would love these!!! I get so many wonderful ideas from you. Thank you very much.

  41. Liz Eberhart says

    I would love love love to win these for Emma and Noah. I am always looking for Christian and wholesome shows and things for them to do. What a great giveaway! Thanks.

  42. Cat says

    I know my three little ones would LOVE these (and don’t tell her I told you, but I bet my teen would love them too ;-))

  43. Jennifer W says

    This is an awesome giveaway! We got a sample Boz dvd in the mail a couple of years ago and it seemed just perfect for my two boys, now 4 and 2. Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Sarah Wilson says

    What a great giveaway! I have heard great things about this series. Thanks for offering the chance to win them!

  45. NW Homesteader says

    I would love to win for my daughters! I have 3 girls 3 and under and this would be a perfect fit for our home!

  46. Trish says

    This would be great! I never know how to find good christian kids movies and songs! Thanks for the suggestion.

  47. Elena says

    My little nephew would love these! It’s so nice to have good CLEAN options for kids out there today.

  48. says

    We just got our first Boz movie from my mom for my boys for Christmas. They love Boz so we would totally love to win this prize pack!!!
    (When I was looking at this my 3 1/2 year old peaked over my shoulder and saw the Boz movies on the screen and said “Is there more Boz shows Mom?” with a very excited voice! I told him this was a contest and I was entering for him!)

  49. says

    I would love to win this for my 4 year old daughter! We’re trying to do a little, informal homeschooling here since she’ll be missing the Kindergarten cutoff by ONE day, and she is very ready to learn. This would be a great tool to use!

  50. says

    would love to win this for my boy…

  51. says

    My girls love these DVDs and we’ve always wanted to increase our library. We would love to do that by winning them! Thank you for the opportunity!

  52. Julie Deyo says

    Thanks for info. I am always looking for good quality entertainment for my toddlers. I would love to win these!!

  53. Debbie says

    Great give away! My kids would love this. We have to be careful these days about what our precious little ones see. Even a lot of TV commercials are inappropriate. BOZ will teach biblical values that you can’t get on Nick Jr and Sprout!

  54. Jodi says

    We have a Boz book, “It’s Fun to Share” that my grandma gave my oldest daughter for her birthday one year, and I really like this book’s message. I haven’t seen any of the Boz DVDs though, and this would be a great opportunity to do so!

  55. Anna says

    I have never seen Boz, but this would be a great opportunity to introduce him to our son! It sounds like something he would love!

  56. Elizabeth says

    We love when the songs come on when listening to Pandora. It would be great to have these!

  57. Kari says

    I’ve only recently heard of Boz and it looks like a fantastic kids show! We would love to check it out!!

  58. Jamie says

  59. Annette says

    I’d love the chance to win these. Thanks. I love your site and wish I could learn more from you!

  60. says

    Oh my goodness we would LOVE to win this! We just got introduced to Box and already my 19 month old will point to the TV and say, “BOZZZZZ!” It’s super cute!

  61. Annie K says

    Wow! Totally awesome giveaway!! Keeping all my fingers crossed!! I would love to introduce Boz!

  62. Annie K says

    I like I can Tech my Child …
    ps – can you delete a post above? I DID NOT mean to post that twice, I am not sure what happened.

  63. Stephanie Ihrig says

    Hello! I’d LOVE to win these! I saw one of these playing the the MOPS class I was helping out in and it was wonderful!

  64. Nikki H. says

    What a great giveaway. We have just discovered Boz in our family, but have not seen any yet!

  65. Miranda says

    We LOVE some Boz at our house! I love that my almost 2 year old little girl loves him and requests him by name :-) There’s always such a good message.

  66. Anna says

    Would love to win this for my kiddos! At 4 and 2, they are being shaped and molded into the people they will be. Videos filled with good values will help in this shaping and molding process!

  67. nicole walker says

    right this would be wonderful for the parents trying to teach Godliness in the home to small children..

  68. Nora says

    I LOVE BOZ! I CAUGHT MY SELF SINGING SOME OF THE SONGS FROM THE DVD WE HAVE AT WORK. LOVE IT! I would love to win these for my son and friends.

  69. Nicole says

    My 2 year old daughter loves Boz! We watch the Boz DVD we own daily! She would absolutely love this prize!

  70. Nora says

    I liked you on facebook a long time ago. That still counts. So excited about the drawing today.