Swimming Pool Sound Match

Sound Match Tall

  When it gets hot, it’s hard to think about learning activities for the kiddos, but this Swimming Pool Sound Match game was a winner with my girls because it was fun, easy, and kept us cool!  It can be done as a collaborative or solo activity.  You just need foam bath letters and anything […]

Using Imaginary Play for Skill Assessment

Using play dough for imaginary play can be a great way to assess skills your children have mastered.

  Post by Contributing Writer Kim of Life Over C’s   We use a lot of play dough in our home both for play and for learning. Because it is summer, I wanted to set up a play dough invitation that’s sole purpose was play. However, as I watched my 7-year-old playing with it, I realized […]

Free Printable Math Pack for Preschoolers

This free printable math pack for preschoolers is a great way to practice sorting, graphing and patterns!

Post by Contributing Writer Kim of Life Over C’s   I am always looking for concrete ways to reinforce concepts with my special needs preschooler. She doesn’t understand counting unless she has something to count, has trouble with colors unless she can compare them, along with the many other math concepts that are used in […]

Rainbow Ice Tunnels

Rainbow Ice Tunnels- the perfect blend of science and art

  Creating these Rainbow Ice Tunnels has been one of the neatest projects we’ve done in a while.  It is the perfect blend of science and art…and it kept the boys occupied for well over an hour!   I first found this idea over at Art & Creativity in Early Childhood Education.  There is a […]

Perler Bead Nightlight

Simple Perler Bead Nightlight

  Little Brother is pretty much obsessed with perler beads.  It all began a few weeks ago when I let the boys do one of the kid’s craft workshops while I was shopping at Michael’s.  The craft was pretty lame (to be honest), but they had some extra time afterwards so they let the kids […]