Fizz & Add Math Game for Kids

Fizz and Add Math Game for Kids


This activity might just be even more fun than our Fizzy Reading activity from a few days ago!  It is a similar idea, but includes a super fun math game for kids.  It is adaptable to all ages:  use one dice for preschoolers and have them “fizz” the corresponding number.  Use two dice for older kids and have them add the two numbers together!  All ages will have a blast!


Here’s what you’ll need:  number ice mold, two dice, a squeeze bottle, baking soda, a shallow baking dish or plastic tray, water, vinegar, and food coloring.  Our colorful dice were borrowed from our ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. game.

number mold

1.  Mix a baking soda and water paste (and food coloring, if you choose) so that it is thin enough to pour into the number mold.  Freeze for at least a few hours.  (If you want to include 11 and 12, you can make and freeze a second set).


IMG_6270 2.  Remove the frozen numbers from the mold and place them in a baking dish.  Pour some vinegar into a squeeze bottle (along with some food coloring, if you choose).



IMG_6275 3.  Have your child roll the dice and mentally add the two numbers (our kids just rolled again if the sum equaled an 11 or 12).   


Find and Fizz Number Recognition

For preschoolers:  Have them just roll one dice and identify the number by fizzing and then let their partner have a turn.



4.  Squirt the sum with the vinegar and then let the other child have a turn.



5.  Continue letting each child swap back and forth and “fizz” the numbers with the vinegar.




The first person to dissolve all the numbers wins!  And if you don’t have enough vinegar, the first person to completely dissolve one of the numbers wins.  :)



Fizz and Add Math Game Square



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Sequin Slime

Sequin Slime

Involve the little ones in celebrating the New Year by making this fun Sequin slime!   This is very similar to the Star-Spangled Slime we made back in July.


Here’s what you’ll need:  Glue, liquid starch, and sequins (which we received complimentary of  


I would have preferred to use clear glue, but we didn’t have any on hand.  We made do with regular white school glue instead.  :)






 1.  Dump your bottle (or two) of glue into a bowl.  Slowly add the liquid starch while stirring.  Keep adding it, a little at time, until the mixture begins to stick together and congregate in the center of the bowl.  Continue stirring and adding starch until bits of the goop no longer sticks to your fingers when you touch it.


{Need some slime troubleshooting?  Check out “How to Fix Slime Fails” from Fun at Home with Kids!} 




2.  Add sequins to the top of the slime and then knead.




Store in an airtight container!



Sequin Slime square Lots of sparkly fun!



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Fine Motor Christmas Trees

Fine motor christmas trees


After Christmas last year, I scored some great deals that I tucked away until this year.  Unfortunately, the holiday season has flown by and I have hardly had a chance to break them out…until today!  Little Brother and I used the pre-cut foam Christmas trees for a little fine motor practice (and a cute decoration).  These fine motor Christmas trees would make great ornaments or gift tags!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Craft Foam Christmas Trees, hole punch, pipe cleaners, tape, and beads or sequins.






 1.  Use the hole punch to make holes in the foam Christmas trees.






 2.  Tape one end of the pipe cleaner to the back of the Christmas tree.



 3.  Thread the sequins and/or beads through the pipe cleaner and through the holes in the Christmas trees.











square fine motor christmas trees


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Yarn Wrapped Snowflake Ornaments

Yarn-Wrapped Snowflake Ornament



I have had it on my “list” for us to make these yarn wrapped snowflake ornaments for the last two years, ever since I first found these Woodsies skill sticks.  We have made other snowflake ornaments before, but these are very different from our puffy snowflakes.


In addition to being a cute ornament, wrapping the yarn around the craft sticks is also great fine motor practice!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Woodsies Skill Sticks, white yarn, white paint, a paintbrush, ribbon, and a hot glue gun (not pictured).  







1.  Paint the craft sticks with white acrylic paint.



2.  Let dry.




3.  Have an adult use the hot glue gun and glue the craft sticks together.  You could do 3 or 4 sticks in a snowflake pattern.








4.  Tie the white yarn onto one of the notches and then encourage your child to wrap the yarn around the craft sticks.




It works best if you start on the inside and work your way out.




5.  Attach a ribbon to the top to hang.











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Shape Turkey for Preschoolers

Free Printable Shape Turkey Craft

Little Brother and I  had a great time making these Shape Turkeys for Preschoolers!  Creating them together gave me the perfect opportunity to review some of the trickier shapes (like octagon and rhombus) while still creating a super-cute Thanksgiving craft!


Here’s what you’ll need:  Shape Turkey Printable and either markers, crayons, paint, dot markers, or stamps.  We chose to make our own shape stamps using some old wooden blocks and sticky-backed felt.  The idea was to match the stamp to the larger shape.  


IMG_3406 1.  Download your FREE Shape Turkey Printable!



IMG_3408 2.  To make the shape stamps, trace tiny shapes onto sticky-back felt and then stick them on your wooden blocks.



IMG_34113.  Match the shape on the stamp to the larger shape on the paper.  The small octagons ended up looking more like circles on the stamp, but it still made a neat design!



IMG_3418  Tiny triangle stamp!



IMG_3420  I ran out out of wooden blocks, so we used our dot markers to make the final rhombus feather.  :)



IMG_3427  4.  Cut out all the shapes.  This was great practice for little brother!



IMG_3431  5.  Use a glue stick to assemble your turkey.



IMG_3445  Gobble, gobble!



IMG_3444  Our turkey with our DIY Shape Stamps.  :)






Shape Turkey



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