3 Secrets to Creating a Reading Nook Your Kid Will Crave Spending Hours In

3 secrets reading nook

  Guest Post by Corina of the Collected House Blog   It’s difficult, isn’t it? Raising a reader is no small task. It takes countless hours. It takes a huge commitment from mommy and daddy. And results come slowly.  Raising a reader is so important that you must persevere. How on earth will they get into […]

20 Tips for Creating a Language Rich Environment for Your Toddler

A portrait of a mother and a son reading a book

Guest Post by Katie of Playing With Words 365 We know that exposure to print and letters/letter sounds is imperative for literacy development. A quick Google or Pinterest search for terms like “preschool literacy” or “toddler literacy” will provide you with millions of literacy activities. With all the emphasis on these types of activities, you may […]

Pom Pom Push


Guest Post by Malia of Playdough to Plato   I’m sometimes surprised by what my boys find entertaining – cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, duct tape… This Pom Pom Push definitely fits in that category too. It’s not fancy but kids find it seriously fun to play. And, as a big bonus, it’s a great way […]

Bambini at the Car Wash

Bambini Car Wash

Guest Post by Erin of Bambini Travel   At Bambini Travel, we believe in providing young children with real life experiences and building on these experiences through books, songs, and activities at home. Together adventures and hands-on activities help young children make sense of the world and build connections. Here is how we used the […]