Minecraft Impressionist Paintings


Post by Contributing Writer Kim of Life Over C’s   Before I share this, you should know that I have no painting skills whatsoever. With the exception of painting every piece of furniture I can get my hands on, I do not have the skills to “teach” my kids painting. Digital design, interior design, “crafting, yes. […]

Tie Dye Baby Wipes Butterflies

Tie Dye Baby Wipes Butterflies

  Lots of people have enjoyed the Tie-Dye Baby Wipe Art post I shared a few weeks ago.  My friend Deborah from Teach Preschool shared the idea on her Facebook page and one of her readers mentioned that she used baby wipes (that were used to wipe up marker and then dried) to make butterflies.  I […]

How to Make Spinning Tops out of Candy

How to Make Candy Spinning Tops

    Ever since we made our World’s Best Spinning Tops last year, I have been wanting to figure out a fun way to make tops out of candy.  I knew a Lifesaver and Gobstopper would work for the base, but couldn’t figure out what to use for the handle.  I also didn’t want to […]

25+ Ways to Learn and Play with Straws

25 plus ways to learn and play with straws

    Straws are such a simple material but they offer dozens of ways for creativity.  We’ve searched our favorite blogs high and low for some new and awesome ways to learn and play with straws…and we are excited to share them with you!   This is our final post in the Craft Closet Boredom Busters […]

Perler Bead Nightlight

Simple Perler Bead Nightlight

  Little Brother is pretty much obsessed with perler beads.  It all began a few weeks ago when I let the boys do one of the kid’s craft workshops while I was shopping at Michael’s.  The craft was pretty lame (to be honest), but they had some extra time afterwards so they let the kids […]