Seashell Ornaments Kids Can Make

3 Shell Ornaments Kids Can Make

Post by Contributing Writer Amy   Each year, the kids and I make a Christmas ornament together to remember the year. When they leave home, they will have their own collection of homemade memory ornaments to take with them. Except their baby handprint ornaments….those will hang on my tree until I’m a VERY old lady! […]

Homemade Afterbite (anti-itch salve for mosquito bites)

Homemade Afterbite

  I do not always remember to put mosquito repellent on the boys every time they step outside, so we inevitably have some mosquito bites around here.  After Bite has been a lifesaver this summer.  Unfortunately, however, I left ours at the lake on our recent trip and didn’t want to make a special trip to the […]

DIY Dollhouse Bookcase

DIY Pottery Barn Kids Dollhouse Bookcase

  Last week I shared our baby girl’s nursery and promised a tutorial for building a dollhouse bookcase.  When I was on bed rest and browsing Pinterest to plan a nursery, I found this adorable dollhouse bookcase (inspired by Pottery Barn’s version) that I quickly fell in love with.  Once we found out we were […]

DIY Sensory Table that looks like a Manger

Make your own sensory table that looks like a manger

  This past summer our church adopted a new curriculum and completely (and permanently) transformed an entire wing of the church to look like Ancient Judea.  It is incredible.   Our small group was assigned the two and three-year old classroom with the theme “Away in a Manger”.  My very talented friend Kristen came up […]

Convert Your Train Table into a LEGO Table

Convert Your Train Table into a LEGO table

  Little Brother has recently discovered a love for LEGOs, which has rubbed off on Big Brother as well.  For his birthday this week, we got Little Brother a large set of LEGOs (since the ones were mismatched pieces bought at a garage sale the summer before I started teaching to use for indoor recess).  As […]