Thinking You are Failing as a Mom Might Be the Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

Thinking you are failing as a mom might be the best thing to ever happen to you

  Early in our marriage, my husband frequently claimed that one of the reasons he married me was because he knew I would be a wonderful mother.  I would just laugh and lovingly punch him in the shoulder…but deep down inside (even though I would never admit it to him or anyone else), I agreed.  I was so confident that I would […]

The Resolutions that Really Matter


Tomorrow is a new year.  Which means that everyone is busy making goals and resolving to do things differently the next year.  As if that magical minute hand ticks from 11:59 to midnight and everyone is suddenly gifted with a renewed sense of purpose and an insane amount of self-control.   Last year I didn’t make any […]

What I Want My Daughter to Know About Beauty


  To my precious Calla Grace,   I am writing to you today, on my 31st birthday, as you are sleeping soundly in your bed.  You are not even a year-old yet and I already worry for your future.  Your Daddy would say that this isn’t anything new, I worry about you and your brothers […]

A Back to School Prayer for our Kids

A back to school prayer for our kids

  Sometimes I get frustrated that the Bible gives us such little explicit instruction on the task of raising children.  Honestly, there are few things that matter more than raising up the next generation to love the Lord.  I have been a little weepy at the thought of my firstborn starting first grade this week. […]

My Body Made Me a Mom


  It’s summer.   Which means that clothing is out and skin is in.  Nearly everywhere I look (online, on TV, and even out my bedroom window), I see people with tanned skin and fit bodies.  People who are running, exercising, and sunbathing…all while showcasing their near-perfect figures.   Having just had a baby 4 months […]