Birthday Boxes

Birthday Boxes for the Food Pantry

  Two little girls will be 4 on the 4th and could not be more excited for their golden birthday. Now that they are getting older, I am becoming more aware of the “Me, me, me!” mentality that birthdays can bring out in sweet little ones. There has been some talk about how they need […]

Shortening the Distance Between Their Suffering and Our Comfort

Shorten the distance between their suffering and our comfort

*This post isn’t really about teaching our children…but then again, maybe it is.     My heart is heavy as I write these words.  This might explain my blogging absence as of late.  Try as I might, I just can’t seem to find the motivation to blog about science experiments and kindergarten readiness while reflecting on the […]

Jesus Covers All Our Sins- Activity for Good Friday


  I’ve always been puzzled by the term “Good Friday”.  To the disciples and everyone who loved Jesus, this must have been the most horrible, traumatic day that they could have ever imagined.  There was absolutely nothing good about that day.  The evil in this world had prevailed.   But thank God that wasn’t the end […]

Old Testament Prophecies and New Testament Fulfillments in Jesus


Last year, our church adopted a rotation-model curriculum.  I have volunteered as a supplemental writer to add additional activities and resources to make the new curriculum structure work for our specific congregation.  I’ve supplemented units on Noah, Moses and the Plagues, Solomon, and my latest unit on the Prophets foretelling Christ’s birth.  It has definitely been the […]

30+ Christ-Centered Easter Activities and Crafts

Christ-centered Easter Activities and Crafts Square

 Just like Christmas, the true meaning of Easter can sometimes get lost with the more fun (yet trivial) parts of the Easter celebration.  Trust me, I love chicks and bunnies as much as anyone.  In fact, I had two pet rabbits growing up (one named Thumper and the other Emmie) and I had bunny wallpaper for […]