Why I Don’t Love BOB Books

Why I Don't love bob books square

  I know that I am going to get some major flack for this post.  After all, everyone loves BOB Books, right?   Especially primary teachers and parents who want to help their child learn to read (which both can describe me).  I might be in the minority here, but I have to be completely honest […]

Ten Apples Up on Top Fine Motor Activity

Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss Fine Motor Activity

  Our boys recently re-discovered the book Ten Apples Up on Top, as it had been misplaced for a couple years now!  While reading it to them, I was reminded of when we made our own Ten Apples Up on Top model using an oatmeal can and an egg carton several years ago.  It was one of Big Brother’s favorite […]

Free Back to School Word Building Activity

learning is fun

Post by Contributing Writer Kim of Life Over C’s   We are in full swing getting ready to head back to school! So I have been working on new activities for the kids to get their first week started off with some fun! I created this free back to school word building activity to go along […]

Swimming Pool Sound Match

Sound Match Tall

Post by Contributing Writer Amy   When it gets hot, it’s hard to think about learning activities for the kiddos, but this Swimming Pool Sound Match game was a winner with my girls because it was fun, easy, and kept us cool!  It can be done as a collaborative or solo activity.  You just need […]

Giant Dot to Dot

Gaint Dot to Dot Long Image

  My three year-olds are intrigued by dot-to-dot puzzles, but struggle with the fine motor skills required to draw the line from one dot to the next. They often can’t tell what the picture is when they are done and are starting to lose interest in them. Dot-to-dot puzzles are a fun way to practice […]