5 Reasons to Ditch Your Phone and Pick Up a REAL Camera

Learn how to use your real camera to get awesome photos

I know, I know…camera phones are so convenient.  Who wants to tote around a clunky DSLR when you can just grab your camera from your pocket and capture those unforgettable memories of your kids?  We already have enough stuff to carry around as it is!     I’m all about using my phone’s camera and I normally take multiple pictures […]

Take Your Own Professional-Looking Cake Smash Pictures at Your Baby’s Birthday Party

Do It Yourself Cake Smash Pictures

  We just celebrated Little Sister’s first birthday!  We had a sweetheart party for our little sweetheart on Valentines Day with both of our families.  It was lovely. I have always loved the look of professional cake smash photos, but felt that it is a little unnecessary when kiddos normally have cake at their birthday […]

Virtual Photography Class: Photographing Your Child’s Eyes


My favorite thing to photograph is obviously my children.  But more specifically, I most recently love photographing their eyes.  There is something about a child’s eyes that capture the timelessness, beauty and innocence within them. This post has very little to do with your camera and very much to do with positioning yourself and your […]

Virtual Photography Class: White Balance

white balance

There is a tiny little function on your camera that can make a HUGE difference in the overall look and color of your pictures.  This function controls the white balance of your photos.  White balance is typically set on the “auto” function (AWB).  “Auto” doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Like anything else, we often have to […]

Virtual Photography Class: Depth of Field

Depth of field

I love pictures where the subject is in focus and everything behind it is blurry.  It’s my personal preference. The sharpness of a picture, or how much of a picture is in focus, is called depth of field.  The depth of field is controlled using your aperture, specifically your f-stop.  The smaller the f-stop number, […]