Printable Summer Schedule for Your Refrigerator (just add magnets)

Summer Schedule Printables- print out and put on refrigerator to help organize your summer days!

  As a classroom teacher, I maintained order and routine by following a pretty regimented schedule.  This gave us predictability for the day and ensured that we accomplished everything we needed to accomplish.  For some reason, this same characteristic has not transferred over to my stay-at-home mom life.  Since I am not a morning person […]

Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Tie Shoes

From tears to cheers...teach your child to tie hisher shoes

  Teaching a child to tie his/her shoes has got to be one of the most frustrating tasks for a parent of preschool or school-aged children (or maybe it is just me).  I think I would much rather potty train a toddler than attempt to teach a five-year old how to tie his shoes. Okay, perhaps that’s […]

Learning about Spatial Awareness with Boxes

Spatial Awareness with Boxes

Post by Contributing Writer Jennie I don’t know about you, but I LOVE doing my Christmas shopping online!  When the packages arrive on my front porch I am not only excited for the contents inside, but I am just as excited for the boxes they came in!  Around our house, boxes equal hours of play […]

Printable Morning Routine Cards

Printable Morning Routine Cards

  It’s August, which means school is starting soon…and so are the crazy, chaotic mornings.  Help minimize the frustration by using these Morning Routine Cards!   The purpose of these cards is to encourage a bit of independence in the process of getting ready for the day.  And if you use a magnetic knife bar […]

Swimming Lessons: Why Every Child Needs Them

swimming lessons

As summer draws near and we spend more time in swimming pools and lakes, it’s important as parents of young children to be extremely vigilant around the water. Here are some alarming statistics about drowning from the CDC:   -Drowning is the second-leading cause of accidental death for children under 14 years of age. -80% […]