14 Ways to Demonstrate Love to Your Child

14 Ways to Demonstrate Love to Your Child

As parents, we demonstrate love to our children daily.  We give hugs, kiss boo-boos, wipe noises, clean up messes…and so much more!  Although these day-to-day acts of love are so very important, sometimes it speaks volumes more when we are intentional about the way we show love to our children. I set out to create a […]

The 5 Best Board Games for Young Children…and why you should play them!

board games 2

  There are so many great reasons to play board games with your child(ren)!  First of all, board games allows you to spend quality, intentional, and uninterrupted time with your children.  In this world filled with constant distractions and Facebook beckoning our every waking moment, it’s easy to try to multitask while spending time with […]

Cup Telephone

cup telephone

Do you remember making these as a child???  Talk about some girl scout camp nostalgia! I love this activity because it is fun for all ages!  Young children will enjoy playing with the cups while older children will enjoy learning and experimenting! Here’s what you’ll need: 2 cups (8 oz. or larger), string, a pen/pencil, […]