Counting Robots

Counting Robots 300x445 Counting Robots

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This simple activity is great for number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and fine motor control!  We used some robot stickers to make the activity even more appealing to Little Brother.


Here’s what you’ll need:  craft sticks, clothespins,  robot stickers (which we received compliments of, and a Sharpie.

IMG 9928 500x333 Counting Robots




IMG 9932 500x333 Counting Robots 1.  Add your stickers onto each craft stick.



IMG 9933 500x333 Counting Robots

 2.  Write the numerals on both sides of the clothespins.



IMG 9934 500x333 Counting Robots



IMG 9939 300x450 Counting Robots

3.  Give your child the craft sticks and have him/her count the stickers on each stick…



IMG 9944 300x450 Counting Robots

…and then select the corresponding clothespin.



IMG 9945 500x333 Counting Robots

Pinching the clothespin is great for developing the small muscles in the hands.



IMG 9948 500x333 Counting Robots

 All done!



 Check out more number recognition activities here and on our Pinterest board!  




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