Cubed Cheese Sculptures

cubed cheese sculptures 500x749 Cubed Cheese Sculptures


Looking to make lunch time or snack time a little more interactive?  The boys had TONS of fun creating sculptures using cubed cheese and toothpicks!

We’ve been holed up in the house all week due to Big Brother (and now Little Brother) being sick.  We were desperate for a little excitement…even if it only involved cubed cheese.  :)


IMG 0689 500x333 Cubed Cheese Sculptures

You guessed it…all you need is some cubed cheese and toothpicks!


IMG 0690 300x450 Cubed Cheese Sculptures

This activity even has an educational element:  it’s great for developing fine motor control!


IMG 0695 300x450 Cubed Cheese Sculptures



IMG 0696 500x333 Cubed Cheese Sculptures



IMG 0702 500x333 Cubed Cheese Sculptures

Big Brother’s “Bunny Ears”


IMG 0704 300x450 Cubed Cheese Sculptures

Teaching Little Brother how to make his own bunny ears.


The best part is, after they’re done “playing”, they can eat their structures for a healthy snack!

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