How to Make a PVC Soccer Goal

Make your very own soccer goal from PVC pipe for about half the price of a store-bought goal!  Big Brother just started his second season of soccer and we are all enjoying practicing together in the evenings (although Little Brother just wants to ride on Daddy’s shoulders).

I was amazed how simple this project actually was!  The hardest part was figuring out the net situation.  We’ll offer two options:  A commercial net (select the 6 x 4 x 3 size) you can purchase as well as a “Hillbilly” version that is every bit as effective, but just looks a little cooky!  :)  Although there isn’t a huge difference in price, the hillbilly version is slightly less expensive!  In total, we spent around $30-35 total on each of these goals.  The final size of the goal is 5 x 4 x 3.


Here’s what you’ll need for the frame of the goal:  4 10-foot, 1-inch PVC Pipes, and PVC Primer and Glue.  You’ll also need this net (6 x 4 x 3 size) OR you can purchase some hex poultry netting at a home improvement store instead.



1.  Cut your four 10-foot pieces of PVC into (2) 5-foot sections, (2) 4-foot sections, (2) 3-foot sections, and (6) 20-inch sections.  You could even ask someone from the hardware/home improvement store to cut them for you if they aren’t busy (which is what my husband did when he had to replace a goal after a large limb fell in a storm and destroyed the original).


2.  Start assembling the goal.  Use the T-Joints to join (3) 20-inch pieces for the top and repeat for the bottom.  Add the 5-foot pieces to create the back frame.


 3.  Use an elbow joint on each end of the bottom of the back frame to add the 3-foot sections.  Then add the 4-foot sections for the side posts.



4.  Once the goal is assembled, take it apart one piece at time and add the glue.


 The purple primer goes first:  Outside on the cut PVC pieces…


 …and inside on the joints.


 Now, you’re ready for the net!


OPTION #1:  Purchase this net (the 6 x 4 x 3 size).  It’s awesome…it has bungee cords all around it and fits over the goal.  

 You’ll use the Velcro straps (that come with it) to secure it on the goal.  If you want some extra strength, you can use some extra zip ties around the goal as well.

 OPTION #2:  Plastic Hex Netting from the Home Improvement Store (in our case, Lowe’s).  About $12 for a roll!



…and zip ties!  But make sure you get the value pack.  40 Zip ties didn’t do the job for us.  :)



You’ll wrap the first layer around the base of the goal.

It will look rather box-like.  You’ll need to fold inward to rest against the rear poles and secure with more zip ties.

It looks a little quirky…

…but it definitely does the trick!

That’s it!  So simple!  Get ready for lots of outdoor family fun!


  1. Josh says

    I ordered the net, and hope to complete the goal this weekend.

    I wanted to mention that the purple primer isn’t really necessary on this sort of application, and unless you just have some on hand, no need to buy some.

      • Josh says

        The primers are to meet building codes. Unless you are going to also use this goal to route your lawn sprinkler water, it’s not necessary.

        We have used this goal for 2 seasons now; on our 2nd net from Amazon. The net works great, but if you leave it out in the sun, it’s done after a year.

        We also spray painted the PVC bright orange, which turned out great.

        • says

          Thanks for sharing your experience (and the info about the primer as well)! :) So glad to know it is holding up well for you too!

  2. Marilee Fleming says

    I found these instructions very easy to follow and I want to say thank you for posting this! My son loves it.

  3. Nellie says

    I need a larger size goal, would this work if I just doubled the length of the PVC pipes? I would need large net too.

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