Easy Decor Idea to Promote Reading

Easy Decor Idea to Promote Reading

Big Brother has always loved being read to.  Little Brother has not always been so eager…but has definitely come to enjoy it more and more in the last couple of months.  I’ve found that sometimes the best way to get a child engaged in a story is set the scene.  The boys received a tee-pee from my parents for Christmas and it has quickly become our go-to reading spot (especially since we put cushy beanbags inside).  I saw this idea for making a child’s name using the cardboard letters from craft stores and immediately knew we needed to make a “READ” sign for our home.

Here’s what you’ll need:  cardboard letters from the craft store and a glue gun.

Did you know that JoAnn’s allows you to use multiple coupons in the same transaction?  This made it especially economical!  You can use the newspaper coupons, mailer coupons, and coupons from their smart phone app all at once (take that, Michael’s!).  :)  Using a 40% or 50% off coupon for every letter made this project right at ten bucks!



1.  Fire up your glue gun.








 2.  Place a good amount of hot glue on the top of the E and then secure the R and the E together.  Continue with the A and D as well.





 All done!  Super easy!











And in case you’re wondering…the letters easily glue back together if they come apart.  :)  Little Brother tested it out for us on the letter “D”.


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  1. says

    I love your little reading corner! Do you know where your parents got the tee-pee by any chance? I was just thinking last night that I really would love to get something like that for my girls room (partially to keep my sanity cause they keep wanting me to build them a tent in the little ones crib), and make a little reading spot for them. I saw some plans online for building one, so I might give that a try, but I’m not all that good at that kind of stuff. :P

  2. hayvalley says

    My curiosity is peaked too where the teepee can be purchased…so cozy…love it! My kids love to cuddle and read together.

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