LEGO Duplo Shape Sorter

LEGO DUPLO Shape Sorter


Several years ago we created our own shape sorter using wooden blocks and a can of formula.  In honor of LEGO week, we decided we would make a shape sorter for Little Sister using LEGO Duplos.  


Toddler Approved shared a similar idea which includes a fun color sorting twist!  Be sure and check out that post as well.  


Here’s what you’ll need for your LEGO Duplo Shape Sorter:  LEGO Duplos, a shoebox, a pencil, and an Xacto knife.    

IMG_8696 1.  Grab all your DUPLOs and choose which shapes you want to use on the shape sorter.


2.  Position them on the lid of your shoebox.



3.  Use a pencil to trace around each LEGO Duplo.



4.  Then use an Xacto knife to cut your holes.



All ready!



My little participant is ready and waiting for some shape-sorting fun!




IMG_8730 However, she was much more interested in removing the lid of the shoebox than sorting the LEGOs.  :)



Little Brother decided he would offer a little bit of assistance.


  IMG_8749    Here are all the shapes in their corresponding holes.  

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