Lessons from a 4-Year Old


I’m over at MomLife Today sharing some recent lessons I’ve learned from my children (and specifically Big Brother).  Here is just an excerpt:

“My children never cease to amaze me … and I’m not just talking about how gigantic their messes can be!  I learn something new from them every single day, something that typically deepens my understanding of God and His purposes.

I am convinced that my 4-year old lives his life as Romans 12:15 admonishes us to live.  We have been in the midst of potty training our youngest son.  Caleb (4) has been a huge help as he encourages and reminds his little brother Noah (2) to go potty.  One would think that this sweet child of ours had just won a trip to Disney World with the amount of celebrating that goes on after his brother’s successful potty experience.  He screams, he shouts … he makes every potty success a grand celebration!”


Read the full post here.



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