New Year’s Eve Noise Maker

New Year's Eve Noise Maker

Crafting a New Year’s Eve Noise Maker in my house is a bit ironic…we certainly do not need ANY help making lots of noise around here!  But what is New Year’s Eve without even more noise?  And just so we’re clear…we don’t typically stay up until midnight in our home (any of us).  Call us party poopers, but Prince Charming and I covet our sleep far too much.  But we’ll still celebrate the coming of the new year sometime during the day/evening!  :)

Here’s what you’ll need:  leftover dessert plates, a large craft stick, a hole-punch, glue, yarn, and plastic beads (we received ours compliments of



1.  Glue or tape the tip of your popsicle stick to the bottom of your dessert plate.  You might have to reinforce it later.





2.  Add glue around all the edges of your plate.  Place the other plate on top and let dry.




3.  Use a hole-punch to punch holes around the perimeter of the plate sandwich (for lack of a better term).




6.  Tie 10-inch pieces of yarn onto each of the holes.





7.  Grab your beads and begin tying one onto each yarn end.















8.  Let your child decorate the plate.













 Shake and/or twist the handle and the beads will hit the paper plate, making lots of noise!






How does your family ring in the new year?  


  1. paula c. says

    Great craft to ring in the New Year!! This year my family and I will be ringing in the New Year at Knotts Berry Farm. My son is very excited. Happy New Year!!

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