New Year’s Eve Shaker

New Years Eve Shaker 500x500 New Years Eve Shaker

If you’re looking for another noise maker craft besides the one we shared last week, here is another idea for a New Year’s Eve Shaker!  Even if you’re not staying up until midnight with your little ones, you can still enjoy ringing in the New Year by making some noise in daylight hours!   :)


Here’s what you’ll need:  a small plastic bottle (I used an old Parmesan cheese bottle), tissue paper, Mod Podge, a paint brush, and some plastic beads!


IMG 7749 500x333 New Years Eve Shaker




IMG 7750 500x333 New Years Eve Shaker

1.  Cut your various colors of tissue paper into small squares (ours were about 1 to 1 1/2 inches).



IMG 7755 500x333 New Years Eve Shaker

2.  Put a layer of Mod Podge (or watered-down glue) on half of the inside of the bottle.



IMG 7754 500x333 New Years Eve Shaker

3.  Arrange your tissue paper to cover the entire inside of the container.  We had to use the end of another paintbrush to place the pieces on the bottom.



IMG 7758 300x450 New Years Eve Shaker

4.  Let dry completely.



IMG 7759 500x333 New Years Eve Shaker

5.  Gather your beads (we received these compliments of  I wanted to stay with our color scheme, so we chose green, blue, and white beads only.




IMG 7760 500x333 New Years Eve Shaker
6.  Place the beads inside the jar and put the top back on.  I also put a piece of tape over the top to ensure that some rowdy little boys didn’t spill beads everywhere.  :)

IMG 7776 300x450 New Years Eve Shaker

 Ready to shake!


IMG 7783 300x450 New Years Eve Shaker

And shake they did!

IMG 7786 300x450 New Years Eve Shaker

Literature Link:

 New Years Eve Shaker

The Night Before New Year’s by Natasha Wing

Natasha Wing has written a “night before” book for nearly every holiday and major milestone in a child’s life.  This book, like the others, is written as a rhyme (similar to “The Night Before Christmas”), making the rhythm of the book appealing as a read-aloud to young children.  This book is a fun way to introduce celebrating the New Year with our children! New Years Eve Shaker


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