Numbered Heart Game with Dice

Numbered Heart Game with Dice

With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I thought we would have some fun with number recognition and one-to-one correspondence!  This was the perfect activity for reinforcing numbers for Little Brother (3) while also providing some much-needed fine motor practice writing with markers.  Although this game was pretty easy for Big Brother (5), he still really enjoyed it!

Here’s what you’ll need:  a dice (or a small block and a Sharpie), paper, and markers.



 1.  If you aren’t using a regular die, draw hearts (for numerals 1-6) on each side of a small block.



2.  On a piece of paper, draw 6 hearts and write numbers 1-6 inside.



3.  To play the game, have your child roll the die and then color in the heart that matches the number on the die.





Little Brother got excited about this game!





Beautiful hearts!


  1. Sarah says

    I played a variation of this with my 4 year old yesterday and he LOVED it! I gave him to dice and had him roll and add the numbers together and then color in the correct heart. I pointed out doubles and modeled counting on. He is starting to remember some combinations without have to count each time! Thank you for all of your awesome ideas!

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