Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!


There were SO MANY fun ideas shared last week.  Because today is St. Patrick's Day, I thought I would share a few of my favorite St. Patrick-themed ideas.  It's not too late to try some of these out!   Toddler Approved shares a fun Leprechaun hunt through rainbow 'lasers.' Let your children make their very own "magic" pudding from Motherhood on a Dime. B. Inspired Mama shares a … [ Keep reading… ]

Winners of the “What’s in the Bible?” Bundles (and a discount for everyone else)


  Out of 475 comments, the three winners of the What's in the Bible? Volumes 1-3 Bundles (via are... Comment #263:  Christine who said, "As a Catholic i am not the most proficient bible reader, but I think these videos would bebeneficial for both my daughter and her parents!" Comment #331:  Lee who said, "I like I can teach my child." Comment #395:  Celines who said, "My … [ Keep reading… ]

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

blind man

  I filled in for the 2-3 year old's Bible Class Teacher this past Wednesday and didn't have any lesson plans, so we decided to do a super-simple lesson on Jesus healing the blind man from John 9: 1-12. If you're not familiar with the story, here is the passage of scripture relating to Jesus rubbing mud in the blind man's eyes. "After saying this, he (Jesus) spit on the ground, made … [ Keep reading… ]

Home Security and an Alternative to Home Phone Service

home security

Since my husband took his current job 3 years ago, I have wanted a security system. He is gone at least once a month on business, which I know isn't a lot for most people but in the 5 years of our marriage prior to this job change, we had spent only one night apart.  And seeing that I moved directly from my parent's house into our home right after our wedding, I am not used to being home alone. … [ Keep reading… ]

Is All White Food “Bad” for You?


Guest Post by Erica of Nature Girl Wellness Recently, a Mom interested in feeding her family healthy food asked me, “Is it true that you should avoid all white food to have a healthy diet?”  Not necessarily.  I understood her point – typically healthy diets exclude nutrition-less foods like white flour and white sugar.  But one of my favorite foods is white – … [ Keep reading… ]

1-Minute Microwave Eggs


Our boys love to eat eggs.  But I, quite frankly, do not enjoy cooking scrambled eggs (have I told you how much of a morning person I am NOT?).  Plus, you have to wash the pan and use a dozen eggs just to get enough!  So I often will use this technique that my mom taught me, especially when we are in a hurry in the mornings! Depending on your microwave, these eggs take approximately 1 minute to … [ Keep reading… ]