"Mommy, I love you." "Thank you, Buddy.  I love you too!" "Does that make you smile, Mommy?  When I tell you that I love you?" "Yes, baby.  It makes me smile REALLY big."   This was just a small sample of a conversation I had with my 4-year old while I was preparing lunch this past week.  It had been a long week with three straight days that we didn't leave our house (or … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!


There were so many GREAT ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few:   Think Magnet has a TON of tangram ideas that go along with the book Grandfather Tang's Story, including this yummy tangram-inspired lunch! Tot Treasures shares a brilliant idea for mess-free sponge painting! Creekside Learning shares some great tips for using everyday items to teach your child about … [ Keep reading… ]

Winner of the Love Duo Necklace

heart necklace

Out of 645 entries, the winner (via is...   Comment #385:  Debra who said, "I poked around Tina’s site and still my favorite is the Love Duo Hearts necklace, but I also really like the Square Roots’ Locket (2 Print)!" Congratulations, Debra!!!  You should have already received an e-mail from me.  :) A special thanks to Tina Steinberg Designs for sponsoring this … [ Keep reading… ]

Potty Toys: Motivating your Kids to Use the Toilet


  Guest Post by Adrianne of Kids Cog Works   As a mother of three boys, I know a thing or two about enticing them to enter the realm of using the potty. My oldest child was resistant and it came to a head one day, we just had to do it. I honestly wasn’t too sure about what to do. I pondered on what would make the whole experience less scary.   The bathroom is an … [ Keep reading… ]

Cubed Cheese Sculptures


  Looking to make lunch time or snack time a little more interactive?  The boys had TONS of fun creating sculptures using cubed cheese and toothpicks! We've been holed up in the house all week due to Big Brother (and now Little Brother) being sick.  We were desperate for a little excitement...even if it only involved cubed cheese.  :)   You guessed it...all you need is some … [ Keep reading… ]

Today Only: Get “What’s in the Bible?” DVD for $5!

You can get What's in the Bible? for just $5 today only using the coupon code 'LOVE2'.  Plus, you also get FREE SHIPPING! The regular price of this DVD is $15, but they are offering a $10 discount today!  We love this DVD and how it can keep the attention of all ages of children.  Even I learned some new information from it! Hurry...this deal expires … [ Keep reading… ]