Green Eggs…and blueberries?


  Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!!  You are 108 today! Big Brother woke up with a fever this morning (again) and he was so bummed he missed his Pajama Party with green eggs and ham.  I tried to console him by assuring him that we would make our own Green Eggs and Ham! The only problem was...we didn't have any ham.  So we had green eggs...and blueberries instead.  :)  Deviled eggs sounded … [ Keep reading… ]

Half-Off Advertising Special!


  Would you like to advertise your business or blog on  Now's your chance...all sponsor ads are currently half-off until March 9th! Get half off the regular price of advertising (on the right sidebar under the sponsor grid) for however many months you choose to sign up! In case you might be asking, "Why would I want to advertise with you?"  You might be … [ Keep reading… ]

A Lesson from the Giant Cheerio Spill


  Guest Post by Kristen of Celebrate Every day with Me   Well, I don't even know how to start the explanation behind this without sounding 1) careless, 2) ignorant to the uncoordinated body of a toddler or 3) an "oops, I forgot the lid wasn't put back on" mom.   So, let's just forgo the set up to our story and jump to the part where the over-one pound of cheerios was … [ Keep reading… ]

Drawing Your Little Ones Closer to God


  I'm over at MomLife Today sharing 5 things we try to do that we hope will draw our children closer to God.  Here is just a sneak peak of the full article:   We all want to raise good kids.  We want our children to be kind and compassionate, loving and forgiving. How in the world do we teach them these things???  From my experience, we simply cannot do it on our own.  But we … [ Keep reading… ]

Easy “Cat in the Hat” Hat!

paper plate hats

I remember the days back when I was teaching in the classroom where we would try to assemble Cat in the Hat hats using large pieces of construction paper and they never stayed together.  This year after reading The Cat in the Hat at home, we tried making a paper plate version and it took NO TIME AT ALL!  I let the boys use markers to paint their "stripes" on their hats, but you could also use … [ Keep reading… ]

Popcorn in a Paper Bag


  I recently discovered the blog 100 Days of Real Food (which most of you probably know about...I must have been in the dark).  We're trying to eat healthier, so this blog has given us lots of great recipes and ideas!  One of these ideas is making microwave popcorn in a paper bag!  I had no clue that you could do that...but it works great!   This would be a fun snack to enjoy … [ Keep reading… ]