Winners of “Why Do We Call it Christmas?”

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Out of the 464 entries, the winners of the 'Why Do We Call it Christmas?" DVD (via are... Comment #424:  Caitlin who said, "I’d love to win this!" Comment #360:  April Emery who said, "I have been wanting to get this so badly! I hope I win!" Comment #418:  Chrissy who said, "My 5 year old is so interested in bible stories right now. I think she would love this!" Comment … [ Keep reading… ]

A Lesson Learned: Locking Away the Toy Box


A few weeks ago, Prince Charming and I made a decision.  We were locking the toy box up in the storage room.  With all the toys in it. We didn't do this as a punishment or to put a damper on their creativity.  We did it because the toys were coming between the boys. For the week prior to this decision, we had endured battle after battle after battle with these boys.  Little Brother is going … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!

Lite Brite

There were lots of wonderful ideas shared last week!  Here are just a few... Learn how to create a light-up Christmas tree over at the Amazing Mess!   Mom Endeavors shares this awesome idea for turning your favorite family photos into popsicle stick puzzles! Not only did What's Fun Today create their own light table, they also made DIY light table letters and decorations from a … [ Keep reading… ]

Toilet Paper Roll Angel


Angels and toilet paper...shouldn't that be an oxymoron, or something??? This was a very kid-centered craft.  Big Brother loved putting the face on the angel and the glitter on its wings! Here's what you'll need:  Toilet paper roll, gauze (or you could just use tp), a craft stick, a yellow pipe cleaner, a coffee filter, and some gold glitter. Here are the step-by-step … [ Keep reading… ]

Why Do We Call it Christmas? :: Review and Giveaway (5 winners)

why christmas

*Sorry!  This giveaway has ended.* Have you (or your children) ever wondered... Why do we call it "Christmas" anyway (instead of, say, Jesus' Birthday)? Why do we celebrate Jesus' birth on December 25th? What does Santa Claus have to do with Jesus' birthday? Where does the idea of stockings hung on the fireplace come from? Why does Santa wear a red suit with white fur? Did Jesus … [ Keep reading… ]