A Lesson Learned: Do Everything…


Does the monotony of parenting ever get to you?  It certainly does me!  Or how about the menial tasks?  For instance, multiple times a day I have to put all 10 pillows back onto our couch.  Yes, I have 10 pillows on my couch.  It was bought prior to having children.  I love that couch, but there are days when the thought of a couch with attached cushions that don't come off sound awfully … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!

fall leaves game

There were so many wonderful activities shared last week.  Here are just a few: This fall leaves game from A Happy Wanderer looks fun and educational!  It incorporates one-to-one correspondence and color recognition...what can be better???     Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas shares this wonderful idea for incorporating sight words into discovery bottles.  What a fun way to learn … [ Keep reading… ]

The Mighty Macs: Review & Movie Poster Giveaway


 *Sorry, this giveaway has ended.  Check back every Monday for another great giveaway.* The Mighty Macs is a new family-friendly movie that is premiering today and will be released nationwide in movie theaters on October 21 (next Friday). Prince Charming and I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in an online screening of this movie.  It was wonderful...and it is rated G!  The … [ Keep reading… ]

Baby and Toddler Activity: Fun with an Emergency Mylar Blanket


Prince Charming ran a half marathon last Sunday.  It was a relatively cool, rainy morning.  At the end of the race, all the runners were offered one of these emergency mylar blankets to warm up (or at least that's what I'm assuming their intended use was).  Prince Charming didn't want one, but I talked him into getting it anyway because I knew the boys would have fun with it! And fun was … [ Keep reading… ]

Learning to Dial 9-1-1


Proceed with caution on this post...or else the 9-1-1 dispatchers might have it out for me with all the little ones accidentally dialing 9-1-1!  Before your child learns to dial 9-1-1, he/she needs to know what constitutes an emergency.  Obviously, an emergency in the eyes of a 3-year old might look vastly different than what an adult constitutes as an emergency (losing your Skittles is NOT an … [ Keep reading… ]