Talk to Your Children


Guest Post by Carolynn of My Little Bit of Life I know this is a simple thing and many of us think that we do this, but do we really? Experience My experience as a teacher (and recently speaking to current teachers) has revealed that children lack good communication skills.  They don't know about give and take during a conversation.  They don't know that listening is a vital skill of … [ Keep reading… ]

ALEX Craft Kits are 50% TODAY Only


As I've stated time and again...this is not becoming a 'deal' blog (though I read many and are so thankful for them).  However, I know that many of us are trying to find the best bang for our buck when it comes to Christmas gifts, so I'm sharing some of the deals I've found with you all.  I've also found that Amazon has amazing deals on toys this time of you and I like to stock up on the … [ Keep reading… ]

Teaching our Children How to Give and Receive Gifts

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  As Christmas quickly approaches, now is the best time of the year to ‘teach’ your child how to graciously give and receive gifts!   Giving   Most children are naturally “givers.”  Some have to be prodded a bit more in the beginning, but overall children have a very giving attitude towards others.  It’s important that we encourage them and allow them to give freely.  If … [ Keep reading… ]

Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas Gift Idea

  The only bad thing about having a blog (and family who graciously support it) is that I can't ever share any of my gift ideas until after the gift has been given, so as not to spoil the surprise!  So I'm sharing with you what the boys and I gave their Daddy and both sets of grandparents for Christmas last year. I purchased three 12x12 scrapbook frames and traced the boy's handprints … [ Keep reading… ]

‘Make and Takes for Kids’ Book Review

make and takes for kids

Marie from Make and Takes just came out with her very first book!  And we had the wonderful opportunity to review it! I have always been amazed with Marie's creativity, but this book (published by Wiley) completely blew me away!  There are 4-5 crafts for kids for every month of the year! And before you think you've seen it all when it comes to kid's crafts, I assure have … [ Keep reading… ]

Winners of “Why Do We Call it Christmas?”

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Out of the 464 entries, the winners of the 'Why Do We Call it Christmas?" DVD (via are... Comment #424:  Caitlin who said, "I’d love to win this!" Comment #360:  April Emery who said, "I have been wanting to get this so badly! I hope I win!" Comment #418:  Chrissy who said, "My 5 year old is so interested in bible stories right now. I think she would love this!" Comment … [ Keep reading… ]