Never Forget!


It was just like any other ordinary Tuesday.  I was a senior in high school running late, as usual, to College Algebra.  I don't remember what was taught that day (probably something I didn't understand anyway), but right before the bell was getting ready to dismiss us from class, our principal came over the intercom informing everyone that 2 planes had just flown into the twin towers in New York C … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!

Number Hockey

45 amazing ideas were submitted last week!  Here are just a few:   I just love this open-ended art idea from Art for Little Hands.  This inkblot reminds me of a chest x-ray! Do you have a school-aged child who takes a lunch to school everyday?  If so, be sure and download these fun lunch box jokes from Sprik Space. Big Brother would love (with a capital L) this game.  Check out h … [ Keep reading… ]

Magnetic Monsters


I adapted this idea from Pre-school Play (via Pinterest) and it sort of took on a life of it's own. First you'll need to cut up some pipe cleaners...   And then use either your hot glue gun or some gorilla glue to attach some wiggly eyes (which I received for free from Craft Project Ideas).  I would have used my glue gun, but it was all the way downstairs and I was too lazy to go … [ Keep reading… ]

Toddler Time: Coloring on Foil


For this activity, I just taped a piece of aluminum foil to the table and let Little Brother color with his crayons on it.  He's had lots of experience coloring on regular paper and I wanted to try something different... He did not appreciate my efforts, however (surprise, surprise).  He was really frustrated that he couldn't see his coloring very well and didn't seem to like to the t … [ Keep reading… ]

Monster Finger Puppet

Monster Finger Puppet

These little boogers are fun for kids of all ages!  There are so many fun ways you can use this puppet glove:  color recognition, one-to-one correspondence, songs, and monster-tickles...just to name a few! All you need is a gardening glove (I got mine on clearance last year for 50 cents from Michael's and just knew I would find a use for it at some point), various colors of yarn, wiggly eyes (w … [ Keep reading… ]

Open Arms Series: The Nuts and Bolts of Adopting


Guest Post by Jenny of JustJenny Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. That is what is it feels like when just starting the adoption process. Applications, home studies, criminal clearances, reference letters, profiles and more oh my! When my husband and I started the adoption process we were a little overwhelmed! The agency sent us a HUGE packet of forms that needed to be filled … [ Keep reading… ]