Toddler Time: Simple Color Sorting


We've been casually working on our colors with Little Brother.  Right now everything is "yellow".  Big Brother did the exact same thing, only everything was "blue"! Sorting is an important concept for young children, though this is our first deliberate attempt with Little Brother.  I wanted to keep the variables (colors) small since it's an abstract concept for children to grasp in the first pl … [ Keep reading… ]

Adorable Over the Door Organizers: 50% off on Zulily


After my post last week about my new favorite way of organizing our school supplies, I thought this deal was especially timely!  Get these adorable over-the-door organizers for half-price on Zulily! I'm planning to get one to organize hats, mittens, and scarves in our coat closet and perhaps an extra for all the toys without homes!  Head on over here to see all the cute designs! *Please n … [ Keep reading… ]

The One Thing I Want Parents to Know: A Kindergarten Teacher’s Reflection

kindergarten 1

Guest Post by Amanda of The Kindergarten Chick In honor of back to school time and sending my three year old to preschool, I wanted to blog about what I have just discovered upon reflection this week.  This is my tenth year teaching Kindergarten and I still felt that I did not have the answer to an age-old question for Kindergarten teachers.  The question is, “What one thing would you like par … [ Keep reading… ]

Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags

I saw this idea for Blessing Bags from Kids With a Vision on Pinterest and thought it was too wonderful not to share! Have you ever driven past a person in need and wondered what you could do to help?  Keep one or two of these blessing bags in your car to have on hand! The best part is, your children can be involved in creating the bags and will most likely be present when handing them out as … [ Keep reading… ]

‘Are You My Mother’ Sensory Tub


After our Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Sensory Tub, I thought it would be fun to do more sensory tubs inspired by some of our favorite children's books!  The Are You My Mother? Board Book is one of Little Brother's favorites lately.   Thankfully, a quick check around the house and we had all of the necessary "characters", except for a ironic.  Our dog Sage came out … [ Keep reading… ]

Open Arms Series: Persevering through the Adoption Process

Tiffany 1

Guest Post by Tiffany Hi! I’m Tiffany, and I’ve known the lovely author of I Can Teach My Child since she was a little girl! Watching her grow, get married and be a wonderful Mom is such a joy (plus, I learn a lot from her blog). Jenae offered the opportunity to add the topic of Adoption to her blog and I am thrilled to share our story. My husband and I always considered adoption because I wa … [ Keep reading… ]