How to Help High-Energy Kids Fall Asleep

Helping high-energy kids

  Our boys have energy like you wouldn't believe.  If only there was a way to harness it...I am quite certain that they would produce more than one of those fancy schmancy windmills.  Their energy is good for many things, like making thundering noises running laps around our house while simultaneously waking up their sister.  Or wearing out our couch cushions from jumping on them so much. … [ Keep reading… ]

Take Your Own Professional-Looking Cake Smash Pictures at Your Baby’s Birthday Party

Do It Yourself Cake Smash Pictures

  We just celebrated Little Sister's first birthday!  We had a sweetheart party for our little sweetheart on Valentines Day with both of our families.  It was lovely. I have always loved the look of professional cake smash photos, but felt that it is a little unnecessary when kiddos normally have cake at their birthday party too.  We decided to combine the two together and just have her … [ Keep reading… ]

3 Secrets to Creating a Reading Nook Your Kid Will Crave Spending Hours In

3 secrets reading nook

  Guest Post by Corina of the Collected House Blog   It’s difficult, isn’t it? Raising a reader is no small task. It takes countless hours. It takes a huge commitment from mommy and daddy. And results come slowly.  Raising a reader is so important that you must persevere. How on earth will they get into college, let alone graduate with a good GPA, if they despise reading? So … [ Keep reading… ]

Word Family Snowball Toss

Word Family snowball toss square

  Word families can be a beneficial component in your teaching-your-child-to-read toolbox. To put it simply, word families are words that rhyme.  Teaching children word families is a phonemic awareness activity that helps children see patterns in reading.  This is an important skill because it allows children to begin “reading” by grouping sets of letters within a word.  The first part of … [ Keep reading… ]

Gross Science Experiments

Gross science experiments

  Do you have a child who gravitates toward things that are gross?  Or perhaps you would like to pique your child's interest in science ?  We've rounded up the grossest, most disgusting science experiments we could find!  These experiments definitely aren't for the squeamish or the faint of heart!   Our Favorite Gross Science Experiments:   What is Blood Made of? Sensory Tub  :: … [ Keep reading… ]

“You are the ‘Write’ Kind of Friend” Shuttle Pen Valentines


This super fun non-mushy, candy-free valentine is perfect for preschoolers and school-aged kids.  Everyone loves a shuttle pen with different color of ink, right?!?!   Here's what you'll need:  shuttle pens, cardstock paper, and washi tape.     (We found our shuttle pens on Amazon for about 65 cents a piece.  And if you have Amazon Prime, you can still get them just in time … [ Keep reading… ]