Ten Apples Up on Top Fine Motor Activity

Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss Fine Motor Activity

  Our boys recently re-discovered the book Ten Apples Up on Top, as it had been misplaced for a couple years now!  While reading it to them, I was reminded of when we made our own Ten Apples Up on Top model using an oatmeal can and an egg carton several years ago.  It was one of Big Brother's favorite activities for quite some time but had long since been destroyed.   I knew I … [ Keep reading… ]

Free Printable Lovable Lunch Notes

Printable Lovable Lunch Notes

School is just around the corner...literally.  Big Brother starts 2nd grade next week and I can hardly believe it.  We're in the midst of all the school preparations, enjoying our Back to School date, shopping for school supplies, and crossing off some last-minute things off our summer bucket list.  I've also started thinking about lunches.   Last year Big Brother varied between eating … [ Keep reading… ]

Tie Dye Baby Wipes Butterflies

Tie Dye Baby Wipes Butterflies

  Lots of people have enjoyed the Tie-Dye Baby Wipe Art post I shared a few weeks ago.  My friend Deborah from Teach Preschool shared the idea on her Facebook page and one of her readers mentioned that she used baby wipes (that were used to wipe up marker and then dried) to make butterflies.  I thought that was the perfect way to use our tie dye baby wipes!!!   Here's what … [ Keep reading… ]

Free Back to School Word Building Activity

learning is fun

Post by Contributing Writer Kim of Life Over C’s   We are in full swing getting ready to head back to school! So I have been working on new activities for the kids to get their first week started off with some fun! I created this free back to school word building activity to go along with the Valentine's and Spring ones that I did last year that my daughters loved. This "Learning is … [ Keep reading… ]

Books of the Bible Fishing

Books of the Bible Fishing

  A few years ago, our church adopted a new rotation model curriculum.  One of the goals of our new curriculum is for the students to know the Word of God as intimately as possible.  We hope to achieve this though memory work and knowing the books of the Bible inside and out.   We recently finished up the Old Testament and I thought this was the perfect time to review all the … [ Keep reading… ]