Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds and your childs development

  Disclaimer:  I am not a speech pathologist.  This post is written solely on the observation of language development with my three children as well as some developmental background in my early childhood education courses.   I am convinced that animal sounds represent a pretty monumental milestone when it comes to a child's language development.  Something so simple yet so profound. … [ Keep reading… ]

Christian Running Music Playlist

Upbeat Christian Running Music

  I am not a runner.  I am not a runner.  I AM NOT A RUNNER.  But yet, I talked myself into training for a half-marathon (pretty much because I figured it was easier to do this than to give up my daily Sonic Dr. Pepper addiction).  Given the fact that I have issues sticking with things (like every other diet and exercise regimen I have ever attempted), it will be a miracle if I actually … [ Keep reading… ]

Now Hiring: Kids Activity and Craft Contributors

now hiring

  I have been blogging nearly 5 years now and it has been such a blessing in SO many ways!  One of the main ways that my blog has been beneficial is holding me accountable to being intentional with my kids and acting as a creative outlet.  After five years, however, I sometimes feel that I am majorly lacking in creativity.  After lots of consideration, I have decided that now would be a … [ Keep reading… ]

The Tiny Seed: Literature-Based Activity Kit

The Tiny Seed literature-based activity kit from Ivy Kids

*This is a sponsored post.  I was compensated for sharing my honest opinions on this product.  All opinions are 100% mine.   Ivy Kids is a literature-based monthly subscription kit that comes packed with about a dozen ready-made activities based around the common theme of the book for the month (which is also included).  This is truly a wonderful resource, especially for busy … [ Keep reading… ]

My Kids WILL Be Bored this Summer

why boredom is a good thing

  Spring Break is over, which means that summer is on the brain.  This time last year I had a newborn and was overwhelmed at the thought of long, unstructured days with all the kids at home.  I signed my boys up for moms-day-out and camps, organized "theme weeks" (which never really happened, despite all my best intentions), scheduled outings, and ordered workbooks to keep them … [ Keep reading… ]

Egg Heads Activity from “The Garden Classroom” Book

Egg Heads

  My blogging friend Cathy James of NurtureStore just released her book The Garden Classroom.  For someone who is vegetationally-challenged like I am, this book offers helpful information and beautiful inspiration!     I am quite certain that I have a black thumb, especially since I could probably kill a silk plant if I really tried.  :)  I appreciated Cathy's … [ Keep reading… ]