Show-and-Share Saturday Link-Up


Happy Saturday! There were a lot of fun ideas shared last week! Here are just a few: Playdough to Plato shared this Cool Kids' Science Experiment - Dancing Worms. I enjoyed this list of Books About Spiders from Fantastic Fun and Learning. My Joy Filled Life shared some creative ways to keep kids moving when learning to read with their post 5 Fun and Active Reading Games for … [ Keep reading… ]

45% Off Retro Games Today Only (10/9)

etch a sketch

Did you grow up playing with Slinky's and Lincoln Logs?  Amazon has these and many more "retro" toys for 45% off today only.  These would be fun stocking stuffers for kids and adults alike! You can see all of the toys available here, but here are some of my favorites:   This Etch-a-Sketch is currently $7.49 (regularly $14.99) The Slinky Dog (from Toy Story) is currently $13.20 ( … [ Keep reading… ]

Magic Jack-O-Lantern

Magic Jack-O-Lantern

  This is a super-fun Halloween twist on our Fizzy Balloons experiment.  It has been quite a while since we have done this experiment, so the boys had a great time watching the chemical reaction "magically" inflate the Jack-O-Lantern balloon.  With a little prep work, this would even make a fun center activity for a Fall party at home or school! (See similar ideas over at Mama Smiles a … [ Keep reading… ]

Texture Crawl for Babies


  Baby Girl is officially mobile!  She has been crawling like crazy for the last few weeks and life is getting a little crazier around here as we scramble to baby-proof our house once again.  I shared an idea on Instagram a while back for using LEGO building plates for babies, but thought I would share this extended activity with a few other textures perfect for babies or toddlers!   … [ Keep reading… ]

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up!


There were a lot of great ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few: October is Fire Prevention Month!  Growing Book by Book shares this great list of books about fire trucks.  Be sure to also check out our fire prevention activities and crafts.       Play Eat Grow shares this fun idea for Growing a Monster.       Check out these three w … [ Keep reading… ]

Drinking Straw Sensory Tub

Sensory Tub with Drinking Straws!

  I saw the idea for this colorful drinking straw sensory tub at Little Brother's preschool.  It is so simple, can be easily reused, and provides a unique texture!  And since it is plastic, it won't attract pests (like rice or beans)!   Please note:  This sensory tub is not appropriate for children under 3 as the straws could pose a choking hazard.  Please use caution when doing th … [ Keep reading… ]