Don’t Call Me Crabby!

Lobster Hand Print and Foot Print Craft

I've been a landlocked girl all my life.  The only time we get to go to the beach is on a major vacation.  I'm not really up to speed on the differences between aquatic animals.  So, now I'll ask you...what is the difference between a lobster and a crab???  I could have googled it, but that just wouldn't be as fun.  :) I saw the idea for this Handprint and Footprint Lobster on the website Just … [ Keep reading… ]

Weekend Giveaway: Chore Chart


Earlier this week I posted how to make a "Save, Spend, Give" Coin Bank.  Well, here is the perfect solution to organizing your child's chores!This chore chart was designed as a fun way to remind children to complete everyday tasks.The board is 8.75 x 11.75 inches and is handpainted wood with the front side coated with magnetized paint. The chart is hung by a ribbon and a coordinated nail … [ Keep reading… ]


sand dough

Big Brother is very sensory sensitive and sometimes has a hard time with new textures, so this coarse version of playdough was great for him!  It is super easy and takes less than 10 minutes to make.  We just used a small bag of fine sand that I found at the craft store. Here's what you'll need:  2 cups fine sand, 1 cup Corn starch, and 1 1/2 cups cold water. 1.  Mix the three ingredients … [ Keep reading… ]

Britax Carseat Deals

Amazon has several Britax carseats on closeout right now.  Most are discounted right around 30%, which is as high as Britax tends to go.  Go here to check out which carseats are available.  The closeout prices expire August 31.  As always, Amazon offers free shipping on purchases over $25.I've done a lot of research prior to purchasing our carseats and I truly believe that all … [ Keep reading… ]

Safety Scissors Sea


I just got our Melissa & Doug safety scissors (70% off) I ordered last week and thought we would try them out.  We've never attempted cutting before and let me tell you...Big Brother is NOT a fan.  After about 30 seconds of trying to help him hold the scissors correctly and cut this clever paper, he loudly told me that he didn't like scissors.So I ended up cutting them.  Oh … [ Keep reading… ]