Where do I get the blue trays?


If you've seen pictures of some of the activities we do around you, you may have noticed a common item:The blue trays!  I use these babies with nearly every activity we do!  They are wonderful!  I have had a few questions as to where I got them...My sweet mother-in-law is a nurse in day-surgery.  These blue trays are used to put the sterile supplies on during … [ Keep reading… ]

Color Sorting Hunt

color sorter 2

  Sorting is an important skill for preschoolers to learn.  It involves grouping similar items based on a common attribute.  Sorting lays the foundation for more complex cognitive skills later down the road! Here is a color sorting game made by re-purposing a drink carrier that you get from a fast-food restaurant.  Next time you order fast food, say "yes" when they ask if you want a … [ Keep reading… ]

White Noise: The Best 99 Cents I’ve Ever Spent!


Who doesn't love a sleeping baby???  I think it must be on the top 5 list of best things in the world!!!  With that being said, there is nothing worse than getting your little bundle of joy asleep finally and then having him awoken by the UPS guy 17 minutes later (speaking from experience).  Being a firstborn child, Big Brother is used to taking naps in a … [ Keep reading… ]

Car Painting


My friend Rachel stopped by with her adorable kiddos (with Sonic drinks for all) while we were stranded at home due to a flat tire.  We pulled out the cars and let the kids go to town painting!Here's what you'll need:  black construction paper, a variety of sizes of cars, and white paint (non-toxic so if your child puts it in his mouth like mine did...you can rest assured you don't have … [ Keep reading… ]

GIVEAWAY: Adorable Crayon Holder


About a year ago, I ordered a crayon holder similar to this one from Etsy.  I love it!  It is easy to throw in a bag and take with us on the go!  Each crayon has it's own little pocket and Big Brother enjoys putting each back in its place when he is done coloring.  It is the perfect diaper bag companion for the mother of a toddler/preschooler!Sarah from Cheeky Monkey … [ Keep reading… ]

Inventory of Pre-School Skills

I was going through some of my old notebooks from when I was student-teaching in Pre-K and found the "Inventory of Pre-school Skills" that was used as both a guiding document for the program as well as a way to assess the children on their development and progress throughout the year.  I thought it would be interesting to share! But before I show this to you, you must say the following … [ Keep reading… ]