Water bead Slime

Water Bead Slime

  After we made our Sequin Slime, I noticed that I had some extra water beads left over from our "What is Blood Made Of?" Sensory Tub.  I wondered what a combination of the two would be like, so the boys and I decided we would try making water bead slime!   Before I share the directions, I want to be clear that the water beads don't always stick to the slime.  Sometimes the … [ Keep reading… ]

Memorize Scripture in the Shower

Memorize Scripture in the Shower

  If memorizing scripture is part of your New Year's Resolutions but you're trying to find the time to do it, I have the perfect solution for you.  Memorize scripture in the shower!!!   Here are two ways to memorize scripture in the shower: 1.  Laminate verses and hang over the shower head with a duct tape strap.     I did this a few years ago when I was doing … [ Keep reading… ]

How to Keep Your Kids’ Beds Looking Neat (Beddy’s Giveaway)


Is getting your child to make his/her bed in the morning like pulling teeth?  Or perhaps once it's made, do you find yourself thinking it looked better unmade?  Well, do I have a solution for you (spoiler alert:  it's Beddy's)!!!     Our boys currently share a bedroom.  We have an extra bedroom that could allow them both to have their own rooms, but they enjoy sharing.  My only … [ Keep reading… ]

Addition Pancakes


I love finding ways to repurpose what would otherwise be trash.  This past weekend, our little family of five had a fun night out at the bowling alley.  We ordered some pizza and everyone got whupped by their mama in bowling (I'm pretty sure that is the first time that I have ever beaten anyone bowling...and will probably be the last).  :)  When they gave us the pizza, it came with this cute … [ Keep reading… ]

30+ Printable Non-Candy Valentines

30+ Printable Non-Candy Valentines square

  We still have Halloween candy leftover in our pantry (not to mention Christmas candy), so I would love to avoid another candy binge over Valentines Day!  I searched the web for printable non-candy valentines and here are some of our favorites! Be sure to check out the bottom of the post for other printable valentines that have been linked up!     Mustache … [ Keep reading… ]

50% off the I Can Teach My Child to Read eBook!!!


  Two years ago I wrote my first eBook, I Can Teach My Child to Read.  It is the culmination of the years of experience as both a teacher and a parent.  Big Brother had just started to read when I first launched my eBook.  He has now grown into a fluent reader who reads chapter books and has incredible comprehension!  Little Brother is now beginning to read using the same strategies I've … [ Keep reading… ]