Sound It Out Parking Lot


 Guest Post by Malia of Playdough to Plato   When my four year old learned the last few alphabet sounds, I knew that it was time to show him how to blend those sounds together and make words. Learning this new skill would take a lot of practice so I wanted to make the process more fun and motivating by incorporating one of his favorite things: Matchbox cars. Sound It Out Parking Lot is … [ Keep reading… ]

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Love Potions

We've had a very exciting week around here.  You can read more about that here. Now that Valentines Day is over, it's just about time to get ready for Dr. Seuss's birthday the beginning of March.  Here are some of our favorite Dr. Seuss inspired activities and crafts: There were lots of great ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few: Even though Valentines Day was yesterday, you … [ Keep reading… ]

And then there were five…


What an amazing week! I shared earlier this week on my Facebook page that Baby Sister arrived safely on Wednesday, February 12th at 8:11am.  She weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and is 19 1/4 inches long!  We are so thankful for this amazing gift from God.  After all we have gone through this pregnancy, she is truly our miracle baby. … [ Keep reading… ]

How Do I Know Which Apps Are Best For My Kids?

How do I know which are the best apps for my kids

  Guest Post by Karen of Technology in Early Childhood I am always careful about screen time, both with my students and with my own children.  I try to limit it. But when my kids are in front of a screen,  I want what they are seeing to be of the highest quality. As a pre-kindergarten teacher, I've spent the last year trying to track down high quality apps to use in my classroom.  It's a … [ Keep reading… ]

Fingerprint “I Love You” Book

FingerPrint I Love You Book

Guest Post by Bridgette of Life Lesson Plans   Nothing says love like ten sticky fingers reaching up to touch your cheeks and pull you in for a kiss. My two year old, Grayson, has decided that's the best way to get my attention when he needs a smooch... and who can blame him, it works! I wanted to immortalize his fleeting baby fingers, and so I decided to do a little fingerprint art … [ Keep reading… ]

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The Olympics began yesterday!  Woo-hoo!  Be sure to check out all of our fun Olympic Crafts and Activities:   There were lots of great ideas shared last week.  Here are just a few:   Even though the Super Bowl is over, I still love this idea for Football Painting from Mommy in Sports.       This Tissue Paper by Numbers Heart Craft from the Crayon Box … [ Keep reading… ]