Prince Lionheart Balance Bike: Review & Giveaway

*Sorry, this giveaway has ended.*


What is the hardest thing about riding a bike?


No.  Children can learn to pedal on a tricycle.

The hardest thing is balancing.

That’s why the idea of a balance bike is so ingenious.  A balance bike is a bike without pedals.  This way, young children can learn to balance themselves atop a bike before riding the real thing.  Plus, balance bikes can reduce the need for training wheels and many children go straight to riding a real bike.

Prince Lionheart has created their own version of a balance bike.  From the Prince Lionheart website:

“Prince Lionheart’s Balance Bike teaches your child how to balance – a crucial skill necessary before transitioning to a two-wheeled pedal bicycle.  Your child’s independence and self-confidence will become evident as they learn to balance and steer at their own pace.”


Big Brother has really enjoyed this bike.  However, if I had to pinpoint any of the seven domains of development as his weakest, it would be gross motor.  The poor kid is just not very coordinated (he gets it from me).  With that being said, he is still not all that proficient at riding this as you can clearly see in the video.  We did realize while watching this video, however, that the seat needs to be raised.


Before someone comments on the fact that my children are not wearing helmets…I am in the process of ordering them and they haven’t arrived yet.


This bike is recommend for children 3 years and older.  The seat is rather high, so children under 3 might have a hard time putting their legs on the ground when sitting on the seat (as you can see when Little Brother was riding it).  The height in the video is the shortest that it goes.



In case this bike is a little too “James Dean” for your little girl, it also comes in a “girlier” version too.

Would you like to win your choice of Balance Bike from Prince Lionheart (valued at $84 to $110, depending on your choice of bike)?  To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment below!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my international readers).  The giveaway will end on Friday, November 30 at 10 am (CST).  A winner will be randomly selected shortly after and notified by e-mail.  By entering, you are agreeing to these official rules

Good luck!
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  1. Celena Hebert says

    I have seen one of these in action and my husband and I both loved it! There is no way we would ever be able to buy one for him anytime soon either, so winning it would be amazing! Thank you for the opportunity- whoever gets this is a lucky kiddo!

  2. Sarah Merkle says

    My son would LOVE this. He will be 3 in May, but he has long legs, so this would be a great Christmas present! Thanks!

  3. Nicole says

    I would absolutely love to win this balance bike for my 2 1/2 year-old daughter! She is asking for her first bike for Christmas:)

  4. Rachael Werth says

    I have a little girl the perfect age for learning balance on one of these bikes! I love the look of them too!

  5. Rebecca B. says

    This would be perfect for my 3-year-old daughter! These types of bikes without pedals seem to be very popular. It would be so exciting to win one!!

  6. Brandy says

    Oh my word! We just had my son’s pedals and training wheels removed from his bike yesterday to try to make something like this. He is still just a bit too short though even with the seat all the way down and it isn’t working well (or as far as I could when I had him try it in the garage a minute ago…only his tippy toes reach the ground) . He could use this because his gross motor skills are his main weakness and a lot of his Christmas gifts this year aim to work on that (he’s getting a scooter).

  7. Kristen E. says

    I’ve heard some great reviews on these! My dad actually works in a bike shop (pretty much his passion in life!) and he’s had a lot of customers say these are great for helping kids skip the training wheels altogether. Would love to win one!

  8. Amy L says

    I’ve been thinking about getting a balance bike for my kiddos…looks awesome and would love to win it! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  9. Lisa Sanz says

    Have been going back and forth about getting one of these and looking for a deal on one! I think my daughter would do well on one-she’s not quite ready to get on a regular bike yet…

  10. Tanya Gallagher says

    I would LOVE to have one of these. We have one boy who is almost 3 and another who just turned one, so I know it would be used a good bit! Thank you for having such a helpful blog, by the way.

  11. Michele VanPatten says

    Wow! I have always wanted a balance bike for my kids but couldn’t afford one, we would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Marla Hall says

    Trying to teach my 5 year old how to ride a bike without training wheels now. I would love to have this bike to help teach him!

  13. Catherine says

    I have been wanting a balance bike for my girls, ages 2 and 4. This would be a great Christmas gift! Thanks, Janae!

  14. Mariah says

    I was just told about these bikes just today! We would love to win one of these for our three year old son! Due to having no sidewalks/places to ride a bike, we never taught our daughter how to ride a bike, and we definitely don’t want to make the same mistake with our son! Thanks for this opportunity!

  15. Ashley says

    I don’t know why they didn’t come up with this idea for a bike earlier! I think that it’s a great concept and would love to win one for my son!

  16. says

    Haha, my little girl’s gross motor skills are definitely her weakest too…and yes, she get’s it from mom! We have been talking about getting her a balance bike for Christmas…this could be perfect. I love the look of the wood bikes.

  17. Kim B says

    Our 3 year old has been begging us for a bike, but we just haven’t been able to spring it. Winning one, though, well, that’s a different thing all together.

  18. caroline manuel says

    riding a bike is one the simplest enjoyable pleasures in life. whether it’s a basket full of flowers or hockey cards in the spokes of the wheels nothing can vompare

  19. Tanya A. says

    My husband just told me about this bike & then i just found your blog when looking for finger paint. Cannot wait to try the paint tomorrow.

  20. Dawn says

    We have been thinking about a balance bike for my son. He wants to ride his sister’s bike, but isn’t tall enough. And he has a hard time reaching the pedals on a trike. He would love this.

  21. Dona says

    Great idea, but if you want to be cheap….do this the way my husband taught three of our four boys….simply take your pedals off your kids bike. Within two days my boys all learned to ride by learning to balance first. Once they could coast for a good ways…he put the pedals back on and away they went!

  22. Deanna P says

    This would be awesome for my six year old with vestibular integration and sensory issues. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Lauren says

    Wow! This would be a fantastic present for either one of our pre-school age sons with Christmas just around the corner.

  24. Tonia says

    It looks like a lot of fun. It looks like it would help my not-so-coordinated youngest keep up with his older brother who does not need training wheels.

  25. Kerry says

    I love these balance bikes! Perfect gift for my second son (and my first would love it too…he is always riding his friend’s balance bike & bugging us for one) This is awesome!

  26. Helga says

    This would be a great Christmas present for my five year old. I appreciate the work you put into this kind of event/giveaway!!

  27. Lindsay says

    We would LOVE to own a balance bike! My sister has one for her little ones and our little guy could not get enough of it; it would be a great blessing to us this time of year. THANKS!

  28. Rosa P says

    I have never heard of this bike before and I love the idea of it. My girls are great at pedaling and using their training wheels but balancing is very hard. I think using a bike like this would help my 4 year old gain some confidence too.

  29. Faith Gaubault says

    Oh this would be perfect for my 2 kids….and the day care kids learning to ride too!! Hope I win, hope I win….

  30. Marsha says

    I’ve got 3 kiddos that need to learn to ride a bike. My husband and I have talked about getting one of these, so it’d be awesome if we could win one! : )

  31. Erin Carlson says

    My four-year-old son just told us he never wants to learn to ride a bike. I think this would change his mind! Thanks!

  32. Jennifer W says

    Our old neighbors had a balance bike and it worked wonders for helping their kids learn to ride a real bike. I would love to win this to help with our son’s progression this summer when he will turn 3. Thanks!

  33. Cat says

    My five year old is having the *hardest* time on his bike. I would love to see if this would help boost his confidence and skill. And after that, it would get passed to his younger sister!
    Thanks for another amazing giveaway opportunity.

  34. Carol Blake says

    My Grandson also has balance issues…and stays away from all Toddler ride-ons and so on. I am afraid he is missing out. This will be the answer to eventually riding a bike…I think. I would love to win this for him. He is my Heaven!
    Thank You for the chance.

  35. Kristie G. says

    I would love to win one of these for my son. Our neighbors who have since moved had one and that is how my daughters learned how to ride a bike. This balance bike is amazing! Thank you for the giveaway!

  36. says

    I LOVE this!!! My four year old would have a blast. This is out of our budget but my youngest son would LOVE it! I love the Prince Lionheart website. (I am already friends with them on Facebook!)

  37. Leah says

    My son is getting to the age of learning to ride a bike and I would love this to be a stepping stone for him!! hopefully there will be less bumps and bruises with the Prince Lionheart bike !! :)

  38. Andrea says

    I have two little ones in our household that would benefit from this, one who is particularly afraid of her “big girl” bike with training wheels. This would be perfect. Fingers crossed!

  39. janis says

    I so would love these for my girls – they would love the one with a little bit of pink – of course! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Amy Mahar says

    Wow, what a great give away! We love bike and are learning this thing called balance and so far, have not mastered it yet! What a great opportunity! Thank you!

  41. Erin McGarvey says

    These are super cute, but for those who don’t win, there’s a pretty easy solution: take the pedals off your child’s bike. That’s what we did for my son. We don’t yet have a bike for my daughter, so I’d love to win this for her!

  42. Debra says

    What a great idea! And very cute bikes too! I would like to win one for my son would is just at the right stage for this.

  43. Dana says

    what a wonderful bike for little ones! Perfect to help build their confidence and learn to ride. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  44. Naaz says

    Would love to win this for my 5 yr old who is less coordinated and enjoys riding his bike with training wheels. He sometimes attempts to ride his big brother’s bike to no success…

  45. peyton says

    this is exactly the concept we used in teaching our 2 older children to ride and they learned in days! Days! Would love this for the 2 younger children!

  46. Jinae Carr says

    I think my nearly 3yr-old son would benefit from this greatly…perhaps, even my 6yr-old daughter, since she’s still using training wheels?

  47. Heather B. says

    I think this would be a great way to teach my daughter to ride a bike, she doesn’t like the pedals on her bike.

  48. Rochelle says

    I would love this for all my kids. My 5-1/2 yr old is so afraid of falling off his bike, but my 3-1/2 yr old is a daredevil. I think it would help either of them! Not to mention the two littles that will need to learn someday!

  49. Faye E. Hunt says

    My son would LOVE this! I showed him the picture and he said, “Ooooh. Look at that bicycle, mommy. That’s a cute bicycle!” Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  50. Carla says

    OMG! We were just discussing this kind of bike for my grandson, thinking he needed on this summer. I would also love to take one to the school I work at as an OT / PT aide.

  51. Rachel S. says

    I have a little boy and a little girl who are both active kids, but still small so this would be a perfect “starter” for them! LOVE it! Thanks for sharing :)

  52. Trisha says

    My husband really wants to get one of these for our almost three year old son for Christmas, but I need to pick up a couple more subbing shifts to make it fit in the budget. It would be great to win one! I’ve heard great things about these.

  53. Amy G. says

    I would love to have this for my son! Gross motor is not his strongest area of development either, and this bike seems fantastic. Here’s hoping I win!

  54. Stephanie Ihrig says

    Thank you for the review! I’ve been wondering about these and you’ve explained it so nicely! Would love to get one of these for my daughter!

  55. Whitney says

    I would love this for my son. I have seen these bikes before, and would love to try it, but my husband is not so sure about them, so… this would be perfect. I could win it, and then show him how cool they are!

  56. Suzi Anderson says

    What an adorable balance bike! Would love the chance to win for my girls.
    Thanks for hosting this! Happy Holidays.

  57. says

    Would I? You bet I would? I’ve got two little ones that are eager for a bike this year…one has been bought, but not the other and she would be perfect for this!


  58. candice says

    awesome! my neice went straight from a balance bike to a big girl bike with no training wheels. they really do work! thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Alex says

    Wow, great giveaway! I’ve been super intrigued by the concept of balance bikes and I’m sure my little girl would love it.

  60. Becca Green says

    This is great! My four year old is having the worst time trying to figure out how to ride. I think it’s the fact that she has to do more than one thing at once! Cool!

  61. Leah says

    This would be great for my 4 year old son who is also a bit uncoordinated….totally understand. Can you say 2 broken arms already?

  62. Faizah says

    Hello! This giveaway is a very good idea!! Like all of your other ideas in your blog. It’s a very nice gift that can be passed down from brother to brother, to sister.. to friend! My sons would love it! Thank you for the opportunity! Kisses and God bless! :)

  63. Lindsay H. says

    So fun! My 3 year old son has a balance bike, and I’ve been so excited to get one for his little brother. This will be perfect for his upcoming birthday!

  64. Kate says

    I’ve heard such great things about balance bikes lately, and my son will be just about the right age in the spring. Great giveaway!

  65. Shea says

    This would be great for my little girl. A new way to burn off all that crazy energy she has while teaching her something. Thanks for the offer.

  66. Monika says

    Neat! I’m not sure that I’ve seen these, but I read once about a dad who taught his daughters to ride their bikes in a day by first teaching them to ride/balance on a scooter.

  67. Heidi Hatch says

    Thanks for the review! I am going to buy my child this for Christmas. I have been trying to find an idea that wasn’t just “another toy”, and you gave it to me. So excited! Now if I could win it, it would be awesome!

  68. Jenn Trentham says

    Awesome giveaway! I have been looking for a balance bike for my son and this would make the perfect Christmas present for him!

  69. Margaret says

    I love the idea of learning balance before pedaling to skip training wheels! Thanks for the chance in your giveaway.

  70. Melissa S says

    This looks like the perfect bike for my little girl. We have wanted to get her a bike but haven’t been able to find one that we like for her and feel comfortable buying.

  71. Maxine says

    Can’t seem to get my little guy to give up his training wheels, so we would love this. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  72. Luz McCann says

    My 4 and 5 year old would love this balance bike. Thy both get very frustrted using taining wheels and I think they would be more willing to try this way instead. I think it is a great way to teach them confidence. It would be great christmas present for both of them. Thanks for doing this awesome giveaway. Who wouldn’t want to make things eaier and more enjoyable for a child.

  73. Amanda says

    My son is also not great with the gross motor skills. I think he’d love this bike, though. It would be much easier than a regular bike with training wheels, I think.

  74. Gabby says

    Hqve heard nothing but great things about balance bikes! My nephew and Goddaughter would love this!! Keeping my fingers crossed I’m the lucky winner!!!

  75. Lia w says

    With two boys, 5 and just about 3, we would love for them to master balancing safely. Mainly to give them a stepping stone and rejoice all the way to “BigBoyHood.”

  76. Jennifer Cozad says

    My little ones would be thrilled to have a balance bike. My hubby and I have been debating regular bike vs. balance bike. I have heard rave reviews from friends.

  77. Lisa says

    My daughter’s friend had this and rode it nonstop! My little guy will be three next summer and it’d be a great birthday gift.

  78. laura terry says

    i would love to win this bike. my 5 year old son is still not a confident bike rider, i’m hoping his little brother will learn on a balance bike and grow into a regular bike and learn all the joys of bicycling!

  79. K2licious says

    Would love to win this for my guys. I have a cousin (an avid cyclist) who swears by balance bikes to train kids (as opposed to training wheels), though we have never tried one with our kiddos. I’d be glad to offer a review, if I win one, as I have two children who could instantly benefit from such a bike!


  80. Dee says

    My three year old daughter would just LOVE this bike!! :) What a cool concept, I hadn’t ever heard of a balance bike before! Love it!

  81. says

  82. Jennifer says

    Wow, this is one of those things I had never heard of before, but now that I have, I really really want one! My daughter just turned 4, and like your Big Brother, gross motor skills are definitely her weak point. If she got over her fear and tried it, this bike could really help her! Thanks for introducing such great products through your blog.

  83. Jenn A. says

    I have been wanting one of these bikes but they are so expensive.. Especially with another baby arriving on Friday. I would love for my husband to teach my son how to ride an awesome bike like this! Both my husband and son would also love this. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  84. Jessica Ilsen says

    I would love to try this for my son, he is right at 3 and loves bikes but the big bikes seem to freak him out a little. Maybe something like this would be perfect! Thanks!

  85. JoAnne Y says

    Both my boys would love this bike! My 5 year old needs more confidence and still has his training wheels on. This bike would help!
    P.S. enjoy your blog.

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