Shiny Rainbow

Shiny Rainbow with corn syrup paint 300x450 Shiny Rainbow

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After creating our One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Fishbowls last week, I have been smitten with the corn syrup paint.  Every time I walk by their fishbowls, I can’t help but run my fingers on the smooth, shiny surface.  So I decided we needed to make something else with corn syrup paint…and what better than a Shiny Rainbow?!?!


Here’s what you’ll need:  corn syrup, paintbrushes, an ice cube tray, food coloring, white poms (which we received courtesy of, glue and white card stock.  



IMG 8799 500x333 Shiny Rainbow


1.  Pour corn syrup into the ice cube trays and then add food coloring.  I ran out of red food coloring, so I dumped some red sprinkles in the corn syrup to do the trick.  It even added a bit of texture.  :)



IMG 8801 300x450 Shiny Rainbow


2.  Encourage your child to begin painting a rainbow!




IMG 8803 500x333 Shiny Rainbow





IMG 8805 300x450 Shiny Rainbow





IMG 8808 300x450 Shiny Rainbow





IMG 8811 500x333 Shiny Rainbow


3.  Let the corn syrup paint dry for several hours.



IMG 8815 500x333 Shiny Rainbow


4.  Gather your poms.



IMG 8816 300x450 Shiny Rainbow


5.  Use glue to add your white poms onto the end of a rainbow.



IMG 8819 500x333 Shiny Rainbow





IMG 8820 500x333 Shiny Rainbow


Look!  It’s shiny even after it’s dried!



IMG 8822 500x333 Shiny Rainbow





IMG 8826 500x333 Shiny Rainbow





IMG 8834 300x450 Shiny Rainbow



  1. Carolynne Schmidt says

    I want to try this too! I used the corn syrup paint to make “stoplights” for Garrett Morgan the inventor during our Feb. African American History month, got the idea from Mailbox, I think.

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