Simple Washi Tape Hearts

Simple Washi Tape Heart


I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Washi tape.  It is cute, simple, and the perfect way to add a little flair.   Little Brother enjoyed using the “pretty tape” and this craft only took a few minutes (perfect for his shorter attention span).

Here’s what you’ll need:  the Heart Template printed on cardstock, washi tape in desired colors, scissors, a piece of black construction paper, and glue.





 1.  Print off your heart template and gather your other supplies.




2.  Give your child the rolls of Washi Tape and let him/her go to town!  I had to pull up the edges of the tape so that it was easier for Little Brother to use.








 3.  Once you’ve added the desired amount of tape, have your child cut out the heart.  If your child is not totally familiar with using scissors, he/she may need some assistance.




 Proud of his creation!




4.  Mount the heart onto a piece of black construction paper using a glue stick or double-stick tape.  Cut a border around the outside.




 Cute and simple!



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