Snowflakes for Newtown

Snowflakes for Newtown

A few days ago, Sara from Mom Endeavors e-mailed me and told me about this idea for making snowflakes for the students at Sandy Hook (which I promptly shared on Facebook).  As you probably know, these students will not be returning to the school where the massacre took place (thank goodness).  Instead, they will be starting back at another location after Christmas.  The Connecticut PTSA has asked that snowflakes of all shapes and sizes be sent to the address below so that they can create a winter wonderland for the students when they resume school in January.



Today was our first snowfall of the year, so it seemed an appropriate day to make our snowflakes for Connecticut.  I haven’t told the boys (who are 4 and 3) about the school shooting, so I just told them that we were making snowflakes for some people who were very sad to help them know that we care about them.

I love this idea for so many reasons, but mostly because it is a tangible way that we can show some love and support!  The boys Big Brother and I made several snowflakes this morning from coffee filters and then we laminated them so that they will hold up better!  (Little Brother is having a bit of a difficult morning and chose not to participate.)




1.  Fold the coffee filter as many times as you can while still being able to cut it.  I think we folded ours four times.



Gotta love that bed-head!  :)



 Little Brother watched while Big Brother cut!




 After all the snowflakes were cut, we sent them through our laminator




 …cut them, and added a whole-punch at the top.









 I just couldn’t send them without some sort of personal message, so I used a thin Sharpie to write a few of these tiny sentiments.  On two of them, I also included the boy’s name, age, and where we are from.






Just in case you can’t read my writing, here is the address:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514


I hope your heart will get as much satisfaction as mine has in the fact that we can do something tangible to show our love and support while involving our children as well!


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  1. April says

    This is such a lovely idea…I think I’ll do this with my daughter. I didn’t tell her details of the shooting, but she knows that some children are very sad. She will love the craft time and knowing she’s helping in some way. They make silver sharpies now…you could add such beautiful designs to your special message.

  2. says

    Thank you for this amazing idea – I am going to write about it today on my blog in hopes more people will do it!!!

    My daughter is home sick today – this might be a nice positive addition to our day.

  3. Bethany B. says

    I love this too! We are going to have our whole family do this on Christmas day as a birthday present to Jesus. I am so glad there is a little something we can do for these kids!

  4. says

    Very nice. My kids and I will be doing this too. They are older 9, 9, and 11, so they know about what happened. They did not watch the news coverage though. The snowflakes are a great idea. I’m sharing this post as my Friday Feature post in the sidebar of my blog this week.

  5. says

    I love the laminating idea. However my ten year old daughter (who does know what happened) and 12 year old son have made SO many it would be crazy to do that. So ours will be non laminated. I am impressed with my daughters dedication at the rate she is making them I will need to go to Sam’s and buy another pack!

  6. Coby says

    Thank you for sharing this. We just did this, and my kids were really excited about it! I was praying about a way to help, even just a little way. This was an answer to prayer.

    • says

      I think as long as you send them by Jan. 12th, they will get there in time. If I am correct, the children will go back to school tomorrow but they are collecting snowflakes until the 12th. :)

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