Sticky Salt Painting

Sticky Salt Painting 300x450 Sticky Salt Painting

pin it button Sticky Salt Painting

This was a fun, last-minute activity for both of the boys that took all of two minutes of prep time and less than 10 minutes to complete.  It is similar to our salt-absorbing fireworks but uses contact paper instead of glue to hold the salt in place.  The idea for this particular variation came from this month’s issue of Thriving Family magazine.

Big Brother was intrigued with this painting project because the watercolors took on a life of their own once they touched the salt.  If we do this activity again, I would put more salt on the contact paper and perhaps even use eyedroppers instead of paintbrushes so that the salt doesn’t get spread around while the little ones attempt to paint.


Here’s what you’ll need:  salt, contact paper, scissors, water, and watercolor paints.   

IMG 0035 Sticky Salt Painting



IMG 0038 300x450 Sticky Salt Painting

 1.  Cut your contact paper to your preferred size.  Ours were around 7 by 10 inches.




IMG 0039 300x450 Sticky Salt Painting

2.  Sprinkle on the salt.  Don’t be shy…the more salt the better!  :)




IMG 0041 Sticky Salt Painting

 We didn’t add enough salt, in my opinion.  I would make sure that the entire surface had at least a layer of salt granules.




IMG 0045 Sticky Salt Painting

3.  Fill up a cup of water and let your little one paint with watercolors.




IMG 0047 300x450 Sticky Salt Painting

The “growing” effect works best if you just barely tap your paint brush to the salt.  Little Brother didn’t really like this approach and wanted to spread the salt all around instead.




IMG 0050 Sticky Salt Painting

Big Brother, on the other hand, was fascinated with the “growing” colors.




IMG 0051 Sticky Salt Painting





IMG 0055 Sticky Salt Painting

Little Brother’s art




IMG 0058 Sticky Salt Painting

Big Brother’s art:  You can see the color trails with the black paint.

Have you ever tried painting with salt? 


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