Truffula Trees Craft from “The Lorax”

Truffula Trees Craft from The Lorax


We had so much fun making these Truffula Trees after reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.  The boys played for a looong time with their truffula forest, which made the little bit of prep work every bit worth it!  :)

This idea was modified from Craft Jr..  I absolutely love the way the homemade yarn pom-poms imitate the illustrations in The Lorax.  


Here’s what you’ll need:  Pipe cleaners, Yarn (not pictured) or Poms, a hot glue gun, and green playdough (we used our Lemongrass Scented playdough from almost a year ago and it was still good!)


 We received the Fuzzy Sticks (aka Pipe Cleaners) and poms compliments of

Oh, and you’ll want to pick up a copy of The Lorax as well!



1.  Take two pipe cleaners and twist them together.  We used yellow and black to stay true to the illustrations in the Dr. Seuss book, of course.  :)




How to Make a Pom-Pom

2.  Make your pom-poms from yarn.  Just wrap the yarn around two of your fingers several times.  Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers.  Cut an extra piece of  yarn and tie the wad together (horizontally).  Make sure you tie it tight.  Then use scissors to cut the “loops” of yarn!  (If you didn’t understand these instructions, there is a lengthier tutorial here that might help.)





3.  Make a small loop at the end of your pipe cleaner “trunks” and then add some hot glue.





 4.  Stick the pom-pom on the hot glue and let it dry completely.  You can also do the same thing with the pre-made poms.  We did a few of those first, but I really liked the “fuzziness” of the yarn pom-poms.  :)





 5.  Give your child the green playdough and the truffula trees and let him/her start playing!














 So proud of his truffula forest!




 Silly boys!











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  1. Bekea says

    I’d think you could do it without the hot glue even by wrapping the pipe cleaners around the yarn… Might be helpful if you couldn’t find your hot glue gun, which may or may not sometimes happen around here :)

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