Using Swagbucks to get the most out of Groupon

I’ve become somewhat of a Groupon junkie lately.  Just in the last week, I purchased Groupons for organic meat delivered to my door, Bath & Body Works (for next year’s Christmas presents), and 50% off gift certificate to a restaurant my husband eats at once a week.  I have found Groupon to be so very beneficial to purchasing items that we would be buying anyway!

Search & Win

But I ALSO recently found out how to make the most out of Groupon by using SwagbucksFor every Groupon you purchase you can also earn $2.50 towards Amazon!

Here’s how:

Before you begin, you’ll need to open an account at both Swagbucks and Groupon if you don’t have one already.  Don’t worry…it’s free!  If you’re not familiar with Swagbucks, it is basically just a search engine that awards you points (aka “swagbucks”) when you search using their site.

1.  Log into your Swagbucks account or (sign up if you don’t have already have one).

2.  Go to the top of the page and click on the drop-down menu “Earn”.  Select “Daily Deals.”

3.  Once on the “Daily Deals” page, scroll down to your city’s Groupon.  Click on it (it should have “280 swag bucks” to the right).  If you wish to purchase a Groupon at another city (as they often offer Internet deals that anyone can buy), go ahead and click on your city’s groupon.  Once you get to the Groupon site through the Swagbucks link, then you can change your city.

4.  Purchase your desired Groupon.

5.  You will receive 280 swagbucks immediately.  A $5 gift card to Amazon costs 450 swagbucks, so you have then earned yourself 1/2 of a $5 gift card to Amazon!  Once you’ve earned 450 swagbucks, go to the top drop-down menu bar “Rewards” and then click on “Swag Store.”

6.  Look at the left-side menu and click on “Gift and Rewards Cards” towards the bottom of the page.

7.  Click on Page 2 and then choose “$5 Amazon e-gift card” for 450 swagbucks.

8.  They’ll send a verification e-mail and then within 2 weeks you should receive your $5 gift card by e-mail!

Thanks to Common Sense with Money for tipping me off to this great idea!

**I fully realize this post has absolutely nothing to do with “teaching your child.”  However…I thought it was a helpful hint that was worth sharing! 

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  1. Tabitha says

    Thanks for this. I am fairly new to Swagbucks been a groupon member. Do you save up your swagbucks and get the gift cards when you have a large amount or do you get them as you earn the amount needed? Thanks
    tabitha4cm at yahoo dot com

  2. EchoHanshaw says

    Jeanea I should have told you, since signing up with swagbucks that is how I have been getting a lot of swagbucks!!!!

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