Weekend Giveaway: Operation Christmas Child Prize Pack

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It’s Operation Christmas Child’s National Collection Week!  Collection Week ends on Monday, November 19th, so it’s not too late to pack your box and drop it off to any of the drop-off locations around the country!

This year, Samaritan’s Purse will be delivering over 100 MILLION shoeboxes to children around the world!

We’re celebrating this amazing milestone with this giveaway from Operation Christmas Child!

If you have packed a box, hosted a party, or supported the work of Operation Christmas Child financially or through prayer, you are eligible to enter to win these amazing prizes:

An Awesome T-Shirt (front)


A Signed Copy of Christmas with Scotty McCreery CD, 2013 Calendar & Exclusive Magazine

An Operation Christmas Child Ornament for every member of your family!


How would you like to win this amazing prize pack?   Just leave a comment below telling me how you have supported the ministry of Operation Christmas Child this year (packing boxes, praying, giving financially, etc.).


This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only (apologies to my international readers).  The giveaway will end on Sunday, November 18 at 8 pm (CST).  A winner will be randomly selected shortly after and notified by e-mail.  By entering, you are agreeing to these official rules

Good luck!


Here are our posts on our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party:

::  Printable/Customizable Invitations

::  Preparing for the Party

::  Recap of our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party


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  1. Bridgette M says

    I took my 15 month old daughter to the store to pick out things. Obviously she’s a bit young yet to REALLY understand the concept. But I believe in talking to her like a big girl and explained that we were buying stuff for a little girl in another country that won’t get Christmas presents. OCC is something I’ve done with my mom since i started so I’m really excited to start the tradition with my girl! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  2. Jenny Porter says

    Our family LOVES the OCC ministry! We have packed shoeboxes the last several years and it is such a blessing to us. Last year we decided to follow our boxes and we found out they had been sent to Africa. It was amazing for our children to witness the power of packing that little box and knowing that it had been sent so far and made such a difference in the lives of those people. Thank you for the opportunity to win something that has the name of a ministry that is so wonderful!

  3. Robyn Davis says

    We so gladly did boxes, thanks to your sharing about this ministry the other day!! Loved starting this tradition with my girls (2yr and 7mo)! Thank you!

  4. shelly rogers says

    Our family loves OCC! This year our two older kids did their own boxes. They earned the money to buy the items. We paid our $7family online so we can track them. They are itching to know where they end up. They also wrote letters in hopes to get a response. Of course we are also praying for all the kids and that many come to know the true meaning of Christmas!

  5. Marlleen says

    We have our packing party scheduled for tomorrow with our American Heritage Girl troop!! Can’t wait! I have our boxes and goodies ready to go :)

  6. Jodi Redman says

    Today, my four year old son and I spent the morning shopping for two small children that will be the recipients of our shoe boxes filled with Christmas gifts courtesy of Operation Christmas Child.

    It is an annual drive that our Church always participates in, however this was my first year packing a shoe box. We chose a boy and a girl, age range of 2-4, and as we shopped for items to put into our boxes it saddened me to think that for these children…..their entire Christmas will arrive in nothing bigger than a shoe box. Think about that for a second…..nothing bigger than a shoe box! Would you buy your children soap or toothpaste for Christmas? For these children, those items are considered a luxury, not a necessity. (Awesome teaching moment for my son!)

    We all feel compelled to buy or kids the biggest, best and most sought after Christmas gifts that I am afraid that the true meaning of the holiday is beginning to getting lost in translation. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, spending quality time with family and friends and helping those who are less fortunate than us..

    Participating in Operation Christmas Child this year has really changed how I will view this upcoming holiday season, which happens to be RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER (GASP)! What if I could only fill a shoe box with the things that I wanted, what would they be? How BIG of a box would it need to be? To be honest, a standard size shoe box would do just fine because the items that I would like to be put into my shoe box take up no space. It is the hope for a good year to come, filled with family traditions, lots of laughter and good health.

    The for the young boy and girl who may receive our shoe boxes.. I hope that they are filled with the spirit of love, compassion and faith and that we made sure were packed up in our boxes!

  7. jessica says

    My family is getting together w/ my sister-in-laws family tomorrow night to pack our boxes. We’re aiming for 15 this year! The kids LOVE bagging up candy, sorting out toys, & packing the boxes together. This our 3rd year doing a cousins shoebox filling party! Our MOPS group also collected boxes this year. We love OCC!!

  8. Jill C. says

    My 3.5-y-o daughter helped pick out items for her box and for her brother’s box and then had fun trying to get everything to fit. We added it to a pile of 46 boxes from our rural church. We included a letter and our address this year in hopes of hearing from the child. Friends of ours have done this and heard back from 2 of the kids.

  9. says

    We do it every year and this year was no exception. As we were walking around the store, my 4 kids kept saying how much fun it was to be picking out stuff for their kids. We also do the “All ABout Me” sheets and then pray for each child that will get the boxes. We love it!!!

  10. Catherine says

    We helped our girls (ages 20 months and 4 years) each pack a box, and their grandparents also helped them do two boxes. They had a blast shopping for items to include. This is a great Christmas tradition for our family!

  11. Jeannie says

    I hosted a packing party & we packed 33 boxes in all. (30 at the party and 3 partial boxes that some party packers took home to finish filling with their families.)

    We had so much fun and plan to start shopping for next years boxes when christmas stuff starts getting clearanced out!

  12. Linda says

    We just finished packing our two boxes today! This is an awesome program, just wish we could do stuff all year round :)

  13. Laurie Hale says

    We love supporting OCC and have done it for years, and years. I love involving my children in the shopping and choosing of gifts. We pack as much in as we possibly can. I also enjoy that you can now track the boxes to make it a little more real for the kids. Blessings!

  14. Alyson Hollowood says

    We pack boxes with our children (4,3,1) each year. The love shopping for their children, and filling out the sheets to send along with them. We got a letter back from one of the little boys who got one of our boxes last year, and it happened to arrive right when we were learning about continents, so it was a really great way to reinforce what we were learning as well as praying for him and his family.

  15. Elizabeth says

    My 12 month old and I went this year to pack a shoebox and delivered it together. I think it’s important for him to learn that Christmas is not about getting gifts, it’s about giving to other s too.

  16. Shannon McPhetres says

    Here in Southeast Alaska we began putting together our boxes in September, as some of the items are ordered through the mail, or collected on trips outside of our town. The nearest big city to us is Juneau, which is accessible only by ferry or airplane. The whole family helps! Then, the town collects boxes from all the churches and school and they are shipped by ferry in late October. What fun to be able to follow them online this year. :)

  17. Betsy says

    Putting together “shoe boxes” for Operation Christmas Child has become one of our family’s favorite traditions! This is our 5th year to participate. As we have added more children to our family, we have added more boxes with each of our children picking out gifts (or with our help) for a child his/her age. We are currently in the process of adopting a little guy from China, so with him in mind we also put together an extra box this year (since he isn’t here yet to do so!) :) We actually just attended a “shoe box” collection event hosted by a local Christian radio station last night and had a lot of fun…What better way to teach our children to care about others than with this ministry…

  18. says

    Each of my 3 kiddos packed a box to send to a child in their same age group. This is the third year that we’ve gotten the kids involved with it and it’s such an amazing way to start the holiday season. I’ve watched them grow from packing their first shoebox while saying, “I wish I could have one of these”, or “I wish I could keep this one”…to this year with them saying… “I want to give them this..” or “I want them to have my favorite candy.” This year was especially meaningful for us because in March we supported my husband going on a mission trip to Haiti and enjoyed his first-hand accounts and photos of the children there. We’ve always enjoyed watching the OCC impact videos, but hearing daddy’s personal stories made it so much more REAL for them!

  19. Karey B says

    We participate in this every year. This is one of my favorite charities and my kids love helping to pack the boxes.

  20. Susan says

    My husband , 3-year-old daughters and I personally packed 8 shoeboxes this year and we also contributed items to our church and our daughters’ school to pack additional boxes.

  21. Katie Witt says

    My 4 year old daughter and I each made two boxes. She even took money out of her piggy bank and went to the store with me to pick out items with her box! It was such a wonderful experience for her. She would pack things in her boxes and say “The kids are going to love this!!”

  22. says

    We packed 13 boxes, thanks in large part to the facebook page Clip With Purpose that keeps us all abreast on the greatest deals out there. Our church put one paper ornament on a tree for each box that was collected by the school-age kids and the tree was filled – how awesome!

  23. Anna says

    We are packing a box for each of our boys to give, including the little boy we help send to school in India! They boys are loving it!

  24. Tracy says

    Our two kids packed a box each for their own age category 2-4 years. Our son is starting to be old enough to understand giving to others.

  25. Sara says

  26. Jessica says

    My 2 and 4 year olds each packed a box and had so much fun picking out the treasures to put inside. We also pray nightly for whomever gets them. We did it for the first time last year and it was such a blessing to us–as much for us as for the recipients, I think.

  27. April; Morgan says

    Our family filled 3 boxes for the kids. My 3 year old daughter was so excited to buy gifts for other children.

  28. Andrea C says

    My son and I packed 5 boxes together. As we were taking them to the car to drop them off, one of the little boys in the neighborhood came to ask what we were doing. He was so excited and wanted his family to participate, but they are on a pretty tight budget and weren’t able to. So I packed the little boy and his 4 siblings into my van and off to the store we went so they could each make a box too! They were so excited!!

  29. Stephanie Gossett says

    This is a WONDERFUL organization. We are long time prayer warriors! We have also packed boxes, helped at church fundraisers…etc…I would love to win this for my mother who also supports this! She is so kind and faithful. I would love for her to proudly wear this shirt to church events. Thank you for the chance!

  30. Jennifer says

    My son and daughter absolutely love packing their boxes every November. This year, the boxes were ready for drop off when my son insisted we return to the store to buy toothbrushes for the kids. Great idea! Once we included the toothbrushes, my kids were satisfied and the boxes were ready to go!

  31. Wendy says

    I took my 3 year old son to pick out “surprises” for our little boy’s box. We talked about why we were doing this. The next morning, the first thing my precious boy said to me was, “We are gonna make that little boy so happy!”

  32. says

    God has put orphans on my heart since I was a young child. We are just starting the adoption process and I love being able to love on orphans through Operation Christmas Child. My husband, 3 yr old daughter and I packed 30 boxes this year!! Our goal next year is 50 and then hopefully 100! One day I would love to travel with OCC to hand deliver the shoeboxes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Amber S says

    This year involved our 3-year-old daughter in packing a couple boxes for children her age. We explained who we were packing the items for and prayed for the children. She was very tenderhearted about helping those in need and lovingly decorated each box with her stickers. Next year we will get her younger sister involved too and make it a family tradition.

  34. Ellen says

    My mom and i always choose a child together, go shopping, and pack the box together. It’s become a Christmas ritual

  35. Gloria Phillips says

    This year we had the opportunity to introduce Operation Christmas Child to our New Church Family and I am happy to say that even though we are a small church (5 families) we packed 18 boxes. A love for OCC has been sparked and I’m excited to see how many we do next year. My 5 year old got more involved this year too by helping to pick out items for our boxes. He’s finally at an age where he can understand the impact that it has.

  36. Elizabeth says

    The kids packed boxes and we are so excited to “track” them online this year. They watched a YouTube video, made cards, and prayed over the boxes. What an amazing ministry!

  37. Kari says

    We have been packing boxes for a couple of years now. We look for and save things all year long. The kids cannot wait to see where the boxes go!

  38. Christina Burrell says

    My son packed his first box this year through his kindergarten class at his Christian school and we are excited to trek it online.

  39. Kay Bolt says

    I have packed at least two boxes each year for the past twenty years or more. My, now grown, boys and I would shop and enjoy packing the boxes then take them to church where as a congregation we would pray over the boxes and those children that would be receiving them. I am now carrying on the tradition with my grandchild.

  40. Melissa M. says

    My three daughters and I packed 4 boxes this year. This our third year to participate in this program, and my girls look forward every year. They like to help pick the things out to put in the boxes, and they usually include a sweet note as well. A couple of days ago we listened to a testimony (on a Focus on the Family radio program) of a girl from Bosnia that had received one of the boxes when she was 10 or 11 years old. She told of how the box had changed her life by giving her hope and faith. My girls and I were in tears by the time we finished listening to it. This is such a remarkable program.

  41. Jennifer C says

    My daughter and I packed two boxes and dropped them off on Tuesday. This was our first year, and it was a great thing to do together.

  42. Julie W says

    Our family shopped for, wrapped up, wrote a note, drew a picture, and prayed for 2 boxes for our churches (as of last week we collected over 800 boxes). We also donated some items for our school’s boxes. Thanks!

  43. Erin Carlson says

    My three kids picked out items for their shoeboxes–one for each child, choosing items for the same age and gender as themselves. We have supported this effort for years and the kids LOVE it! Whenever we pick out the items, they continually remind the youngest, “Remember, this isn’t for us. It’s for a kid who doesn’t have any toys.” This year we paid for the shipping online and printed a label so that we can find out where our boxes went. Fun!

  44. Coby says

    We’re going to drop off our boxes this afternoon! When I asked my 5-year old twins if they wanted to pack a box for a boy or girl, simultaneously they exclaimed, “Both!” So we took some money from their piggy banks and ours and went shopping! Then they each drew a picture and dictated a note to place in the boxes. We prayed that each box would go to the exact boy and girl the Lord wants it to go to. Love it!

  45. Joyce M says

    We love OCC! I’ve been packing shoeboxes since I was in the youth group at church, and then when I was leading the youth group, and now my 2 girls love to pack the boxes each year! We collect things throughout the year to put into the boxes, so it is always on our minds. :) I love the Follow the Box option so that we can pray for the kids who receive their boxes.

  46. Elizabeth says

    We learned about OCC through my daughter’s school, Prince of Peace. We participate since we learned about it, and look forward to participating year after year.We LOVE OCC, and think it’s a wonderful way to give!

  47. Christine says

    We started doing OCC last year, and have made it a tradition now to send at least two boxes. We love to track our boxes online and find out what country they go to.

  48. Melanie Kost says

    I commented yesterday, but I don’t see it listed above. There were about 52 comments when I posted. Not sure what happened. I am commenting again because I wanted to ask a question, but was afraid of a duplicate entry. I was wondering if this t-shirt is available for purchase anywhere. I checked the OCC website and I don’t see it listed there. :)

  49. says

    This year we involved my 3.5 year old in every single step. He went shopping with me. Asked tons of questions. Helped me pack the box. Prayed with me for the little boy who would receive the box. And he even helped drop it off this morning at church. It was an awesome experience for both of us! Having my sweet boy ask questions and care so much about what we were doing made it so much more personal for me. It was a huge blessing. =)

  50. Lisa Burry Lamache says

    My class of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students and I put together 21 boxes in our wrapping party, including shipping! Today, I dropped them off at the Old Cutler Presb. Church. It was great getting the kids involved in this important Christian work!


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