12 Ways to Repurpose Household Items for Your Kids

12 ways to repurpose household items for your kids


Earth Day is quickly approaching! Here are 12 Ways to repurpose regular household items into something fabulous for your kids!


Make your own books out of cardboard tubes!

Use travel baby wipe container tops to make a peek-a-boo house.

Make your baby a toy using an old pop bottle and some clothespins.

Use an old baby wipes container to entertain your baby.

Make some Word Family Pull-Out Activities from paper towel rolls and paint sticks.

Go on a Color Sorting Hunt using a drink carrier!

Make your very own letter boxes using old baby food containers.

Practice counting and one-to-one correspondence with an egg carton.

Use shredded paper in your sensory tub.

Use old coffee grounds to make dinosaur fossils!

Use an old water bottle to make an “I Spy” bottle.

Make a shape sorter out of an old formula or oatmeal canister.

What’s your favorite way to repurpose a household item?



Repurpose Household Items for Your Kids


  1. Love it–Practical, frugal, and packed with learning! The items that get repurposed around here the most are oatmeal containers (drums, random art, dramatic play) and pizza/cereal boxes..oh and the cardboard pizza circles (reports, games, dramatic play, painting, etc.) Sometimes (not always) I put a cool container in the recycling bin I like to ask my kids (8,6,5) “Anyone want this for something?”

  2. I am excited to try the shredded paper sensory bin. I think my kids will like it. My five-year-old son repurposes everything he can get his hands on. Give him a roll of masking tape and the contents of the recycling bin, and he’ll be happy for hours.

  3. We’ve done several of these activities thanks to you! I made the I Spy bottle for a birthday gift too! Next up is the cloth pull, I have LOTS of baby wipes containers hanging around and that’s such a fun idea. We also use those for storing cords for our phones, iPod, etc. and for holding extra plastic bags.

  4. These are great ideas. The word family pull out is my favorite. I like to let the kids make their own things out of the recycle. Give them some scissors and tape and they do some amazing things.

  5. Great ideas! I especially like the ones geared towards toddlers since my little girl is still pretty young and I’m always looking for ideas of things to do with/for her.


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