20 Fun Fall Kids Crafts With Leaves

20 Leaf Crafts

This time of the year leaves can inspire such awe and inspiration that we wouldn’t otherwise have considered earlier in the year. The various sizes, textures, shapes, and most importantly COLORS of leaves make them especially interesting!

These 20 Leaf Crafts for Kids are sure to please children of all ages. From toddlers to tweens, there is an activity appropriate for everyone!


Leaf Color Match for Toddlers (with foam leaves) ::  I Can Teach My Child

Fall Leaves Art :: Pre-K Pages

How to Preserve Fall Leaves :: Buggy and Buddy

Watercolor and Fall Leaves Art :: Rhythms of Play


Learning Phonics with Fall Leaves :: Powerful Mothering

Fall Leaves Painted Toast :: Munchkins and Moms

Stamped Shirts with Leaves :: Fireflies and Mud Pies

Fall Leaf Lacing :: Rhythms of Play


Leaf People Fall Craft :: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fall Window Tree :: Bambini Travel

Leaf Sewing Patterns :: Mother Natured

Tissue Paper Bleeding Leaves :: The Imagination Tree


Leaf Rubbing :: Red Ted Art

Wax Resist Leaf Painting :: Kids Craft Room

Leaf Prints :: Preschool Powol Packets

Colored Salt Dough Leaf Impression :: The Imagination Tree


Crayon Resist Leaf Rubbing :: Childhood101

Crushed Leaf Collage :: Craftulate

Leaf Name Game :: The Pleasantest Thing

Drawing Fall Leaves :: Munchkins and Moms

leaf lei

Leaf Lei  ::  I Can Teach My Child!

20 Fun Fall Crafts with Leaves

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