31 Days of Indoor Activities for Toddlers

31 Days of Indoor Toddler Fun

Starting today (January 1st), I will be starting a new series featuring 31 Days of Indoor Fun for Toddlers! Some toddler ideas will be simple and some will be more complex, but all will be fun (and indoors…perfect for the cold, blistery, wintery days).


Many activities will be shared as new posts on the blog, but some will only be shared on Instagram. If you aren’t already following me, you can find me here. You can also follow the hashtag #31daysofIndoorToddlerFun. Please also use the hashtag to tag your own photos as you participate with us!

I’ll update this landing page as each new idea is shared!

31 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Indoor Activities for Toddlers

1. Indoor Toddler Dance Party

2. Bean Sensory Tub for Toddlers

3. Parachute Play for Toddlers


Indoor Fun for Toddlers

4. Coloring on Sandpaper

5. Roll & Hop Shape Game

6. Painting with Water on Cardboard


Super Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

7. Mess-Free Process Art for Toddlers

8. Bath Time for Toy Animals

9. Building towers with Jumbo Blocks



Indoor Activities for Toddlers

10. Dropping Caps in a Baby Wipes Container

11. Ice Skating for Toys

12. Sorting Toys by Color



Indoor Activities for Toddlers

13. Foamy Soap Painting

14. Fill the Snowman Fine Motor Game

15. Printable Cereal Sorting Mat



Indoor Activities for Toddlers

16. Playing with Kinetic Sand

17. Fine Motor Play with a Strainer and Pipe Cleaners

18. Fizzing Snowflakes



Indoor Fun for Toddlers

19. Sticky Mural for Toddlers

20. Heart Sensory Matching

21. Cotton Ball Races

Indoor Fun for Toddlers

22. Hokey Pokey Roll & Sing

23. Snowman Ball Sort

24:  Slide into a Baby Pool with Ball Pit Balls



Indoor Activities for Toddlers

25. Play with Puzzles

26. Scooping and Pouring with Edible Water Beads

27. Birthday Cupcake Pretend Play



Indoor Activities for Toddlers

28. Slide Painting

29. Clothespin Drop



Indoor Fun for Toddlers

30. Toddler Balance Beam

31. Animal Mix-Up LEGOs




31 Days of Indoor Toddler Fun



31 Days of Indoor Toddler Fun

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  1. Hi I have three kids under three including twins so I always find myself short of ideas as to what we can all play together. I must say I have found your activities very interesting and manageable. You have a brilliant collection. Thanx.

  2. Lots of great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I have two boys, ages six and two, and I’m planning some activities that BOTH boys can do over Christmas break! :)

  3. Thank you Jenae my children’s classroom had a lot enjoy with these activities. They learn aal the time with fun.

  4. This is an incredible website, thank you for all these wonderful posts! My 19 month old is going to start having a lot more fun around the house!

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