67 Ideas for Fun and Learning This Summer

67 Ideas for Fun and Learning This Summer


Summer is almost here! Woo-hoo! I love nearly everything about the summer (except for the bugs). I love the warm weather, I love the pool, I love longer evenings, I love having my kids home. I’ve compliled a list of 67 activities that you can do with you child(ren) this summer. Some of these things are plain ol’ fun and some encourage learning. I hope you will incorporate a mix of both into your long summer days! :)

Rather than creating a calendar, I thought I would make a list of activities you can pick and choose and cross off as you complete. I intended to provide a printable list, but I’m having some technical difficulties. You can always copy and paste the text below into your own word processor or print the selected text straight from the screen. :)

Without further ado, here are 67 Ideas for Fun and Learning this Summer:


1. Make ice cream in a bag.

2. Create a foil river.

3. Use snappers to learn to “pop and learn” the alphabet, numbers, shapes, or sight words!

4. Make a marshmallow slingshot. 

5. Play hide-and-seek with a puzzle and a sensory tub.

6. Create your own hurdle run.

7. Make edible playdough.

8. Create your own 3D Angry Bird Game.

9. Make dinosaur fossils.

10. Go on a “Learning Walk”.

11. Have a Sponge Relay.

12. Create fireworks in a jar.

13. Paint with water at the pool.

14. Make fizzing sidewalk paint.

15. Create “mud” playdough.

16. Go on a Giant Shape Hunt.

17. Download some new apps.

18. Make your own finger paint.

19. Create salt-absorbing fireworks.

20. Make letters (numbers, shapes, etc) in shaving cream.

21. Create red, white, & blue bubble snakes.

22. Make a nature bracelet.

23. Create a geyser.

24. Build a fort with tree branch blocks.

25. Paint a mural using only golf tees.

26. Make your own alphabet track on your driveway.

27. Create your own bathtub paints.

28. Build a hovercraft.

29. Make a candy campfire.

30. Play with sand-dough.

31. Pound a letter/sound.

32. Plant a seed in a baseball card holder.

33. Make a miniature bow and arrow.

34. Play hide-and-seek as a family.

35. Paint with apples.

36. Create a stained glass butterfly.

37. Play with oobleck.

38. Play “Memory” using Hershey Kisses.

39. Go to a waterpark.

40. Make your own stilts.

41. Use legos to make picture puzzles.

42. Go on a scavenger hunt at the zoo.

43. Make popcorn in a paper bag.

44. Play balloon badminton.

45. Play flashlight spot-and-tell.

46. Make homemade face paint.

47. Blow up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar.

48. Bake the World’s Best Sugar Cookies.

49. Invent your own bubble wands.

50. Visit your local fire station.

51. Create playdough monsters.

52. Make a race car snack.

53. Paint with toy cars and trucks.

54. Create your own solar oven.

55. Make floor tape letters.

56. Play with water beads.

57. Invent your own cake.

58. Make elephant toothpaste.

59. Go “ice fishing”.

60. Make your own water colors.

61. Paint with corn syrup.

62. Play with cloud dough.

63. Play sight word bingo.

64. Make your own lava lamp.

65. Invent your own kite.

66. Create a book out of plastic baggies.

67. Throw a javelin.


There you have it. A great list of ideas to get your summer fun started! :)

Feel free to leave a link with your favorite summer activity in the comments.



  1. Love this list! I’m definitely pinning it. It’s only day three of our summer vacation, and I feel like I’m running low on ideas already. Thanks!

  2. We are so ready for summer, too! Can’t wait for swim club to start and all the fun outdoor things we get to do (before it gets too hot)!

  3. Thanks for posting all the free activities. I am a stay at home mom on a tight budget and looking for summer idea for my 6, 4 and 2 year old for the whole summer. I am going to use a lot of them. Thanks for not charging a fee for all your wonderful ideas.

  4. What a wonderful list! I too have written a long list of FREE summer things to do! My list has several options exclusively for homeschoolers!

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