Activities for Kids on Sick Days

There is only so much TV you can watch before everyone starts to go a little crazy.  Here are some simple activities for kids on sick days that will keep everyone happy even while stuck at home!

Activities for Kids on a Sick Day


We are currently on day four of my five-year old home sick with influenza B.  She is still pretty miserable but she is so tired of watching TV (I honestly never thought we would see THAT day).  Once the doses of ibuprofen/acetaminophen kick in, she feels good enough to get off the couch for a little while.


Here are some of the activities we have tried over the last few days…and a few others that we will be trying over the next few more.  Most medical professionals recommend individuals with the flu stay home for 7 days from the onset of symptoms, so we still have a few days to go!


Here is my criteria for what makes a good “sick day” activity:

  • Can prepare AND play within a 20 minute time-frame (because who knows when the fever and chills will set back in)
  • Very little mess (we have enough messes to clean up when someone is sick)
  • Uses materials I already have on hand (ain’t nobody got time to go out looking for materials when they have a sick kid at home)
  • Encourages engagement, creativity, OR movement (something a child can’t get from TV)


Some of our favorite sick-day activities are:


Special Activities for Kids on Sick Days

Popsicle Bath ::  Busy Toddler

Painting with Water on Cardboard:  I Can Teach My Child!

Sick Day Foamy Soap. ::  I Can Teach My Child!



Sick Day Playdough  ::  Real Food RN

Make a Sticky Mural  ::  I Can Teach My Child!

LEGO Picture Puzzles (use pics you have around the house)  :: I Can Teach My Child!



Dinosaur Fossils  ::  I Can Teach My Child!

Pushpin Letters (or Numbers)  ::  I Can Teach My Child!

DIY Shrinky Dinks  ::  Skip to my Lou



Fizzy Balloons  ::  I Can Teach My Child!

Sick Day Slime  ::  B-Inspired Mama

Aluminum Foil Paintings  ::  Gift of Curiosity



Also, don’t forget to be prepared for sickness with our Sick Kit!

Sick Kit

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